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Update: The Great Jill Valentine Controversy

Update: I made a few calls and got a juicy piece of insider info that I unfortunately have to leave extremely vague. She may, or may not be back. That is all. The end.

When we broke the news the other day that Milla Jovovich would be returning to star in Sony Screen Gems’ Resident Evil: Retribution, we also noted that contrary to Sienna Guillory’s previous Twitter posts, “Jill Valentine’s” role is being recast.

Now, this could be a casting error or it’s even possible they are looking for an older or younger version for some sort of flashback/flash-forward sequence. All I know is that I saw it, with my own two eyes.

Since our report, Guillory took back to Twitter stating “I’m loyal to R.E. always. Don’t know about where the rumors come from. But if they want someone else it’s not up to me!

We’re doing some extra fact checking to see if we can’t solve this mystery, but I’m siding with the fans on this one: what’s the point of recasting her? I want to see Guillory back at Jill Valentine!

Plot details are under lock and key, but Sony Screen Gems is aiming to have it in theaters come September 14, 2012. An October start date is locked in Toronto and Japan with Paul W.S. Anderson returning to direct.
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