Purchase First 'Final Destination' on DVD/Blu-ray from WB, It'll Come SIGNED By Creator Jeffrey Reddick! - Bloody Disgusting
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Purchase First ‘Final Destination’ on DVD/Blu-ray from WB, It’ll Come SIGNED By Creator Jeffrey Reddick!



Starting on Saturday, August 13, if you click over to the official WB Shop and order the original Final Destination on either DVD or Blu-ray, for a limited time they will come signed by creator Jeffrey Reddick! If you don’t already own it, how can you beat this?!

Released in March of 2000 and starring both Devon Sawa and Ali Larter, “When a boy starts having a premonition of Flight 180 crashing, he tells his friends before they board that it is a bad idea and to not to take the flight. His friends listen to him and don’t go and soon after the plane crashes. Now since his friends didn’t get on the plane one by one they are getting killed in mysterious ways.


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