Ted Raimi Directs 3D Webseries 'Morbid Minutes' - Bloody Disgusting!

Ted Raimi Directs 3D Webseries ‘Morbid Minutes’

Horror cult favorite Ted Raimi returns as director and writer of the new 3D Break.com horror series, Morbid Minutes.

Greatly inspired by classic television mystery and horror anthologies such as “Night Gallery” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” Ted Raimi created a classic-styled horror series for Break.com.

I felt that horror is getting very focused on gore and monsters and not on what truly frightens us, he says. “I wanted to get away from vampires, werewolves and zombies. They’re fun but not really frightening. I wanted to explore the dark and debilitating things that lurk in the back of all of all of our minds.

The show is a joint production of Break.com and Raimi’s new production company, Spooky Voodoo Pictures.

It is produced by Danila Koverman and Johnny Wickham.

Raimi says, “I was very lucky to find a partner with Break.com. They were incredibly receptive to exploring new horror concepts.

Episode of Morbid Minutes can be seen on Break.com.