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[Random Cool] Make Your Own Ecto-Cooler!

I remember drinking this stuff as a kid. I also remember trying to make ectoplasm itself. Or at least trying to make it. I could never pay enough attention to detail and things never quite turned out the way they should have (a parable for my life?). All this naturally makes me an ill fit to try and make my own Ecto-Cooler, but if that sounds like your thing, you can now give it a whirl!

Per the Strange Kids Club, “According to Wikipedia, Ecto-Cooler even continued to be release well into the early millennium (2001) going by the pseudonym of Shoutin’ Orange Tangerine. Since then Ghostbusters fans have tried to recreate the nostalgic concoction with varying degrees of success, but recently Strange Kids Club member Devin gave me a tip that someone at the Ghostbusters: Chicago Division had actually cracked the Ecto-Cooler code. Naturally, I had to try it for myself; two days and $15 later I’m happy to say that it worked (sorta)!”

Head over there to check it out.



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