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[Review] ‘Apollo 18’ Lacks Creative Intensity, Scares

Not reviewed for critics, this morning I hit the first Midwest showing of Dimension Films’ Apollo 18 in hopes of blasting off on a terrifying trip to the moon. Unfortunately, Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego’s found footage sci-fi horror is mediocre at best.

If anything, ‘Apollo 18’ lacks creative intensity. It’s a very lazy attempt at bringing terror to the moon. In fact, it’s not even scary, unless of course you consider a sleeping dude opening his eyes and yelling into the camera “frightening” (he does this twice, by the way). Unseasoned genre lovers may find entertainment in the slow burn, and may even experience goose bumps upon some reveals, but in all honesty their time could be better spent watch any of the ‘Alien’ films.

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