[Review] FF '11: 'Julia X' Smug and Humorless - Bloody Disgusting
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[Review] FF ’11: ‘Julia X’ Smug and Humorless



Having premiered at Fantastic fest in Austin, Texas, with another screening slated at Screamfest LA in CA next month, David Harley’s HATED P.J. Pettiette’s Julia X.

Julia X‘ sets out to be a trashy good time but comes away unjustifiably smug and a bore. The humor falls flat, the cinematography and set design is hideous and cheap (two pipes show up in one of the house’s bedroom more than once, making the set look like a boiler room) and – worst of all – the characters are unredeemable and hateful. Pettiette’s commentary on the sexes is meaningless, mean and the most misogynistic thing to hit the big screen since ‘Deadgirl.’

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