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Spanish-Language Trailer for ‘Party of Wolves’

Announced back in April was Juan Martínez Moreno’s horror comedy Party of Wolves (Lobos de Arga), a new Spanish werewolf flick starring Carlos Areces, Mabel Rivera and Secun de la Rosa.

With behind-the-scenes videos posted in April, we’ve now got the official Spanish-language trailer inside.

1911, Arga, a rural village in the North Western Spanish region of Galicia. A terrible curse falls on the evil Marchioness of Mariño and her son, transforming him into a werewolf. One hundred years later, Tomás Mariño, a failed writer and the only male descendant of the Mariño family, goes back to Arga to be awarded the freedom of the village. But things aren’t as they seem. The real reason for which he has been invited is to be the main protagonist and the sacrifice in an obscure ceremony that must be carried out by the villagers one hundred years after the curse first came into effect in order to end the reign of fear of the werewolf that has been terrorizing the region all that time.

However, Mariño, with the help of an old friend from the village, Mateo, manages to escape. What they don’t realize is that, as the ceremony hasn’t been carried out on the exact date, a second curse will fall on the village, much worse and more dangerous than the first: all the villagers are transformed into raging, hungry werewolves. From that moment on, our protagonists, who have been joined by Mario, a literary editor, and Rosa, Tomás’s grandmother, will be forced to spend the longest, most terrifying night of their lives, trying to escape by any possible means (some of them very stupid) from that hell full of beasts which Arga has now become. But, of course, without losing their sense of humor.



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