[Random Cool] Real Zombies, Monkey Zombies, Awesome 'Night of the Living Dead' Poster from BD Logo Designer! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Random Cool] Real Zombies, Monkey Zombies, Awesome ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Poster from BD Logo Designer!



Kickstart your morning with some beats, click “play” above to watch a horror-themed music video from Skrillex entitled “First Of The Year (Equinox)”. Now it’s time to get even more Random Cool into your morning…

Via Figures, McFarlane Toys announced that they are teaming with Toys”R”Us to bring New York Comic Con attendees an exclusive “The Walking Dead” action figure: Comic Officer Rick Grimes (Bloody Version) (pictured inside). The limited edition Bloody Officer Rick Grimes will sell for $20 at Entertainment Earth’s booth #644. Collectors can get the figure signed by Todd McFarlane on Saturday, Oct 15, from 10 AM to 11 AM at the Entertainment Earth booth!

Braaains . . . and bananas . . . and braaaains! From ThinkGeek comes their exclusive “Zombie Monkey Plush” (pictured inside). They are ready to be hugged and loved, and in return will only sort of try and eat your brains. Each Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush wears a torn up t-shirt and has multiple abrasions (each showing the red corduroy “muscle” hiding beneath its skin). Now, you might be wondering if this is, in fact, Zombie Timmy. It’s not, but unless y’all buy up all these Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush, they might infect the real Timmy, and no one would want that. And don’t forgot the other fact about zombie monkeys: they like flinging zombie poo. Just saying.

Crack that zombie piggy bank open and count out $6.66 in change so you can nab this awesome collection of office supplied known simply as From The Desk Of Satan. And you thought getting a Post-it from your boss was trouble, try getting one from Satan regarding your soul. You’ll also get a “Revenge of the Marker of the Beast.” Awesome. Picture inside.

One Indonesian group, the Toraja, believes local shamans can hypnotize the dead, causing them to walk home if they die far from the village, says Buzzfeed. The Torodja believe there is very little difference between the dead and living, so much so that their dead have their own village in the mountain ranges of South Sulawesi. They lack a fear of the dead, so much so that when shamans “raise” up mummified corpses to prove their ability to help the dead find rest, it is seen as a normal part of life. Locals claim the animated corpses walk with a stiff, robotic gait and if no shaman is known to have raised them it is assumed they are under the control of a djinn or Syaitan (Satan) and will not touch the corpse for fear of releasing the magic bound to them. Modern belief in this was founded in 1905 when mummified human remains were found in excellent condition inside a local cave. With no evidence of embalming and without understanding of the natural mummification process, locals pointed a finger to magic.

Lastly, Kryptonite Prints & Apparel has released a silkscreen print that’s been six months in the making: Grzegorz Domaradzki’s (the man who created that badass Bloody Disgusting logo) Night of the Living Dead. It’s a meticulously crafted masterpiece breathing with emotion. If you take a few moments to absorb the composition as a whole you’ll notice how the elements work together to form a skull. Regular edition is limited to 250 and can be found here. And the silver, glow in the dark variant which is limited to 100 can be found here. Additionally, you can score a 15% discount by using code “IMPAWARDS” at checkout.


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