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[Contest] Win A Copy Of ‘The Clinic’ On DVD (Region 2)



Universal UK has given us three copies of The Clinic. Inspired by terrifying true events, this unsettling and shocking film follows young couple Cameron (Andy Whitfield – Spartacus TV Series) and his pregnant fiancée Beth (Tabrett Bethell – The Legend of the Seeker) as they travel across Australia on Christmas Eve 1979.

This seemingly normal trip is thrown off kilter when the couple are forced to take shelter in a remote hotel. When Cameron leaves Beth briefly to get some food, his return yields a nightmare he could never have prepared himself for as he finds the room empty and Beth vanished.

Dark, tense and chilling, viewers will be on the edge of their sofas as every mother’s worst nightmare unfolds when Beth awakes alone in an isolated clinic in a bathtub of ice with a very fresh C section. And no baby.

As desperate Beth struggles to understand the full horror of what has happened to her, she discovers that she is not the only woman to have been subjected to this gruesome abduction. Four other mothers inhabit this hellish clinic and slowly discover that they’ll have to fight each other to survive. Check out the rules inside! TO ENTER: Put THE CLINIC DVD in the subject line and send your full name, answer, and address to bloodydisgustingpodcast@gmail.com. Winners will be selected later this week. Also, keep in mind that these DVDs are Region 2, so you need to live in Europe or have a region-free player to be able to watch it.

The Clinic QUESTION: What country is this story, based on true events, set in?


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