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Happy Halloween! It’s a Holiday Smash!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from everyone at Bloody Disgusting!

I was planning on just sharing this gem of a video that will put a tear in your eye, but came across another handful of [Random Cool]-eque news bits that are completely worthy of this holiday Monday.

Read on to take a gander at the terrifying new spoof, “Normal Activity“. You’ll also find a Halloween gift from artists Gris Grimly (entitled “The Dangers of Halloween”), a pretty awesome minimalist costume, a fan Ghostbusters video, and a graphic featuring “Halloween by the Numbers”. Gris Grimly and the MCP Crew wish you a safe and happy Halloween. Created by Gris Grimly and Jim Kunz. The instrumental version of “Bad Blood” was composed and performed by Creature Feature and can be found on their latest album “It was a Dark and Stormy Night”.

Happy Halloween from The Muppets:

Death of a Ghostbuster: The end of Wendy’s ghostbusting career may be too much for her to handle.

How Many Pumpkin Seeds? Halloween by the Numbers: Have you ever wondered how many seeds are in each pumpkin? Have you pondered the amount of candy consumed by an American in a year or the number of parents who admit to sneaking some of that candy out of their kids trick-or-treat bags? If you’re that kind of person this graphic has it all. – Visual News.

Minimalist costume from Reddit:

Have a Normal Activity Halloween from Tommyxvx:



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