[Random Cool] Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies

I had a really, really, really bad day yesterday and need to fill my morning with a little light, so I’m going to toss this little [Random Cool] blog onto your radar.

I’m not a big fan of babies (in the sense that I don’t ogle over pictures of them on the web, much like pictures of cats and dogs – my wife more than makes up for this), yet, I find the following blog site compelling and absolutely hysterical (it could be that I’m in a mood and want to laugh).

By clicking the above image you’ll be redirected to Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies, a site dedicated to, well, little baby Arthur reenacting scenes from some of your all-time favorite films such as The Shining, Blair Witch and even Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

It’s too bad that the baby doesn’t know how awesome he is…

Source: Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies