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UPDATE: ‘Human Centipede’ Director Tom Six Wants To Sell You His Stupid Paintings! For $10,000!!!

Last week I reported that The Human Centipede 2 director Tom Six wanted to “shock you with his stupid paintings”. His offerings were juvenile, incompetent, predictable and ugly.

I wasn’t shocked. But now I am. At the price for these damn things! One of our readers forwarded us the following email from the site.

Dear [redacted],

Thank you for you interest in the Paintfarts by Tom Six. The price for the original Painting “ boring landscape ’08” and “gangrene ’11” are $ 10,000 USD each (International shipping costs not included)

To ensure you got a real Tom Six and not a fake, the painting is sold with a photo of Tom Six with the painting glued to the back of the framed linen.

If you would like to proceed in purchasing the art made by Tom Six, we kindly ask you to let us know within short notice because we receive a lot of interest.

Alright then! Hit the jump to see what a $10,000 Tom Six Painting looks like! Don’t worry, this one’s actually SFW. Also, hit the comments section to contribute to the list of things that cost less than a Tom Six Painting!

So there’s that. “Gangrene ’11” has disappeared from Six’s Website so I can only assume someone was eager to part with 10K.

Let’s get started with a list of things that cost less than this painting!

Enough food to feed a family for a year.
19 iPads.
A decent used car.
Rent in any city besides SF, NY or LA.
3 MRI’s.
909 tickets to Human Centipede 2 (at 11 bucks a pop).
Your honeymoon vacation.
Health insurance for a year.
Making someone “disappear”.

I’ll hand the reigns over to you folks. Keep going!



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