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New Details On ‘The Bitch’, Amanda Plummer Cast



Earlier this month we gave you an exclusive update on The Bitch, an upcoming horror comedy directed by James Merendino (SLC Punk).

Back then we told you that, “ the flick follows four woman who becomes stranded in the woods after a car crash. They hole up in a mansion that’s haunted by a malicious spirit called “The Bitch”.

Now a source tells us that, “The film is a satire and clearly a dark comedy in the same vein as ‘Shaun of the Dead’ or more to the point, Polanski’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. Additionally, this film has ‘Girl Power’. In typical insult humor, punk rock, irreverent ways, the characters may seem odd but its because they are meant to be funny. The film is ultimately a nihilistic statement about how utterly chaotic the universe is. The supernatural elements in the story are in fact a symbol of the unpredictability of the universe, and have no more meaning than that.

All the women are strong. It contains Ealing Studios style characters (‘Lavender Hill Mob’, ‘Ladykillers’) who have eccentric and complicated relationships that are funny, and they are thrust into a totally irrational situation.

We’re also being told that Amanda Plummer has been cast in the film. Shooting is scheduled to begin this March in Baton Rouge, LA.


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