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Resident Evil Creator Offers More Details On His Next Horror Project, Codenamed ‘Zwei’

Last week it was revealed that Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is currently working on a brand new survival horror project, codenamed Zwei. Not much else is known about the game, other than it could potentially be the last game Mikami directs as he shifts his focus to running his Tango Gameworks studio. We also know Tango Gameworks is handling development in collaboration with parent company Bethesda Softworks, and some of the locations were teased in an eerie collage released last week. An expanded transcript of the interview from the issue of Famitsu that revealed Zwei Mikami talks a little more about his exciting new project. Head past the break for more details.

“At present, we’ve at last cleared the initial phase. Regarding art creation, we’re already getting a very good atmosphere. We’re extremely confident about the graphics this time. Of course, we can’t recreate the same quality as shown in these image boards, but we can deliver game screens with atmosphere that is close to this. There are still mountains of inadequate areas, though, so we’ll have to work with the designers on brushing these up.” Mikami told Famitsu. Incidentally, a ‘Mountain of inadequate area’ was my nickname in college.

If anyone can make those images from the collage as unsettling possible, it’d be Shinji Mikami. Near the end of the interview Mikami even teased us with the platforms, saying he prefers the consoles. Obviously anything can change, but that’s good to hear for Xbox and PlayStation owners. The game is still a long ways off–as if its nebulous 2013 release window wasn’t proof of that already–but maybe we’ll get a little more info at E3 next month.

[News via Andriasang]

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