[Random Cool] Foto Marvellini’s Creepy Superhero Portraits - Bloody Disgusting!

[Random Cool] Foto Marvellini’s Creepy Superhero Portraits

Foto Marvellini’s creepy ancestral superhero/pop icon portraits have been spreading like wild far across the web. The portraits depict the apparent origins, or family members of some of your favorite characters including Captain America, Spiderman, and Jason Voorhees. The works are combinations of vintage portraits and digital artwork, and while they are beautiful, somewhat comical, pieces of work, there’s just something unsettling about them. The studio itself is quite a mystery, nobody knows who is behind it, making it all the more disturbing. Check the full gallery below.

Depicted above are the two “heirs” of the studio, Andrea and Carlo Marvellini. Wired was told the siblings were “separated at birth.” and “One has served aboard a pirate ship, travelling through crafts, fashion and style,” the e-mail said. “The other, boarded on a ghost ship, has moved among photography, history, graphics, archival.”

For more pictures and studio shots, you can check out the Foto Marvellini Facebook page.