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Hell Has Hatched In ‘Haters’



An official Facebook has launched for Vincent Cleghorne’s Haters, an apocalyptic horror film that begins when “Hell is hatched.” We’ve landed the Cannes sales art above.

Trapped in her Paris apartment in a world ravaged by demons, Elise – a survivor awaiting word from her husband and infant son – is about to learn the true meaning of Hell on Earth.

Here’s the long synopsis: “When a CNN India news crew are reported missing whilst covering a story in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the circumstances of their disappearance are quickly dismissed as nonsensical, and are only given credence when similar reports begin to flood in from all over the globe; reports stating that Hell itself has hatched.

The world is under attack from a plague of Demons; Demons so vast in number they decimate whole cities within hours of first contact, Demons of which there are no two alike.

As world authorities advise citizens to arm themselves with whatever weapons come to hand, we follow the story of 29 year-old French architect ELISE COLLIER, who has barricaded herself in the living room of her Paris apartment in the hope of surviving the invasion to be reunited with her America based husband and four year old son.

Inflicting a constant barrage of mental torment and physical assault, the Demons refrain from actually killing Elise. Their reasons for keeping her alive become clear as they scratch away at Elise’s perfect façade to reveal her life of secrets and concealed guilt, her Hell on Earth.