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‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ To Be Released October 4th, 2013

Dimension announced today that they will open Sin City: A Dame To Kill For nationwide on October 4th, 2013. The sequel once again comes from Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. Academy Award winner William Monahan (The Departed) also had a hand in the script.

Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba are confirmed to return. Rumored to return are Michael Clarke Duncan, Rosario Dawson and Michael Madsen. “The film is about Dwight McCarthy planing to have his vengeance against the woman who betrayed him, Ava Lord, while Nancy is trying to cope with Hartigan’s death.

The film will begin production this summer. Most likely at Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas. The place that made Predators look like it was shot in your back yard. I actually remember liking Sin City though, so I’m interested to see how this pans out.



  • Dig-Up-Her-Bones

    I really liked Sin City, and I’m glad they’ve finally decided to move ahead with this. I’m also glad for Mickey Rourke returning, I had heard a rumor a while ago that he wasn’t interested in coming back for a sequel. Maybe that was just bullshit, either way, I’m happy for his involvement.

    • EvanDickson

      I think Mickey Rourke changes his mind about a lot of stuff all the time.

  • Joe-Banger

    How can M R come back if Marv is dead? Unless this a prequel. He sure is lucky to find work in this economy at his age. Also hartigan had a weak heart so by the time this sequel/prequel hits theatres Bruce Willis will be too old to play hartigan again if he’s still alive.

    • BornVillian

      “A Dame to Kill For” in the graphic novels takes place after Hartigan’s story in the “The Yellow Bastard” but before Marv’s story in “The Hard Goodbye” So in “A Dame to Kill For” Hartigan is already dead and Marv is still alive.

  • Rusted

    Been waiting years for this. Can’t wait.

  • zaglewiz

    Didn’t like Predators? Damn I thought that was a pretty worthy sequel after the shitfests we’ve gotten lately with the Predator Franchise. Anyways I can wait “don’t wanna wish my life away” but 2013 is gonna be a rocking year for me with the release of this. Sin City is one of my favorite movies of the past 10 years and I’m hoping this one lives up to just that.

  • divisionbell

    Why did everyone hate Predators? That was a hell of a sequel with a solid cast.

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