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What Is Diablo III? If You Don’t Know, You’ve Come To The Right Place

The rumors are true. I’m a Diablo virgin. I’ve not ever touched the 1st 2 games. And thanks to Error 37, I haven’t played the 3rd. The trailer past the break gives you a sweet breakdown of all your character choices in the game. I know I definitely need a rundown before playing. Has anyone actually been able to get in? How is it? Tell me wonderful stories to make me jealous. Who else is locked out?



  • ReplicA

    I’ve had no problems connecting, and playing it. The only problem I had was that the person who got it for me, got from the WoW annual pass offer, and can’t “gift” it to me. So I have to login under their account information. Irritating… About the game itself, I’m enjoying it. I’ve played both prior games, and loved them. This one is very different. Larger, more talking which means more story telling, more characters, lot’s of baddies, and weapons. I don’t like that I can’t divvy out my level points the way I want. As it is right now, the game does it automatically. I don’t like the cool down on health item usage, it’s gotten me killed a couple of times. But I’m really enjoying the game so far, and will be going through again with a different character class after I beat it with my Demon Hunter 🙂

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Sweet thanks for the info sir!

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