First Official Look At 'Birdemic II: The Resurrection'! - Bloody Disgusting!

First Official Look At ‘Birdemic II: The Resurrection’!

First discovered by Bloody Disgusting (not by Tim & Eric, oh no, no, no, noooo), Birdemic became a horror household name. The humor came from director James Nguyen’s serious approach, although most believe it was staged (I assure you it wasn’t).

That’s the issue with Birdemic II: The Resurrection; now that Nguyen is in on the joke, can a sequel be just as good-bad? I doubt it. Still, Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore both return, so why not?

Anyways, an official website and Facebook have been launched sharing the first ever still from the sequel that recently shot around the Los Angeles area.

In the sequel, “Bill is a struggling filmmaker; Gloria is an aspiring actress. Rod, a Silicon Valley millionaire, finances Bill’s film, a dream come true until eagles and vultures attack Hollywood and it’s up to Rod, his girlfriend Nathalie, new friends and old to mount the resistance. Who will survive? Birdemic II, you asked for it.

  • Horrific

    But I don’t understand. Nobody asked for a sequel. What happened ?

  • Radicalex

    Oof. This story just punched my brain in the nuts. This is really happening? Like, really really?

  • Ultrazilla

    “First discovered by Bloody Disgusting…”

    Really? Yes…lets brag over who found the biggest turd in the sandbox.

  • A-Devils-Reject

    Not sure how anyone could not like the first film, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder during a movie before.