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Skyrim’s First Expansion Introduces New Vampire Forms, Ghost Horses And Creepy Cemeteries

I’ve said it time and time again to any unfortunate soul who happens to be sitting next to me at the time that one of my biggest complaints about the near-perfect Skyrim was how little Bethesda expanded on the vampire underworld. You could get infected and become one, and if you read enough books you could learn more about the various covens scattered about the world, but other than that it remained largely untouched. This makes Dawnguard, the game’s first expansion, all the more exciting because not only will we have the chance to learn more about the vampires, we’ll get to fight in the war between them and the Dawnguard. It also looks to be introducing new vampire forms, mounted combat, fucking ghost horses. Check out the debut trailer, after the break.

Dawnguard releases sometime this summer for 1,600 MSP on the Xbox 360, and hopefully for the PC and PS3 as well, though those versions haven’t been announced yet so it looks like Xbox 360 owners might’ve gotten a head start.

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