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Chilean ‘Perfidy’ Latest Cabin in the Woods Horror

Above you’ll find a stomach-churning (if you have your bass at 10) trailer for the Chilean horror movie Perfidy, from Zombie Dawn director Lucio A. Rojas.

Starring Catherine Mazoyer and Iñigo Urrutia, “Laura and Rubén are a couple of lovers who meet again after many years separated. They decide to spend a weekend in a cabin far from city where strange things start to happen. Those events seem to be related with a Ruben’s childhood experience and will change their lives for ever.

Says Rojas: “The story was conceived as a way to create a local imaginary of Fantasy, wich has been poorly explored in our latin american film industry. Strange fact, if we consider the richness this genre shows in our literature, known worldwide . In this movie we try to blend this genre with others in a narrative syncretic searching with the purpose to make it more interesting.



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