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[Random Cool] An Old “20/20” Report On The Dangers Of Horror Movies!

I like the, uh, gore!” So do I! And this is amazing! We were made aware of this video via Fright Rags and it’s a great look at the culture’s response to horror movies in the mid 80’s. It’s a segment called “VCR Horrors and it’s a hilariously shameful bit of fear-mongering on the part of “20/20”. They interview kids about horror movies, and make adults (gasp) watch a slasher – and it’s treated like some sort of new drug or disease epidemic sweeping the nation. It makes me kind of nostalgic for the days when we had to literally invent sh*t to worry about. Forget 9/11, anthrax, rogue nukes, dirty bombs, chemical warfare, the sinking economy, government corruption, plastic islands disappearing species and bath salts. The real enemy is Evil Dead 2!




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