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E3 2012: Summon Gargoyles And Fight Skeletons In This Brand New ‘Dawnguard’ Gameplay

Skyrim will soon be getting its first DLC with Dawnguard, an expansion that focuses on the war between the Dawnguard and the vampire lords. It offers many more hours of gameplay to a game that’s already brimming with things to do. We haven’t really had the chance to see the expansion in action, until now, and it looks insanely fun. Head past the break to watch vampire lords fling people around a bit, summon gargoyles to beat them up then levitate them in the air, toying with them before they eat them alive. I think I’ll use all these skills to become the biggest vampire douche the world of Skyrim has ever seen. What about you, are you on Team Dawnguard or Team Awesome Vampires Who Kill Just For Funsies?

And here’s part two:

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