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Review: ‘Valen The Outcast’ #7

Strap on your helmet because Valen the Outcast #7 is one hell of a bumpy ride! The story has seemingly come to a head with a thorough character backgrounds finally completed, the team of heroes and their newest addition are quickly approaching the culmination of their quest. Having read this series from the start, I must say that writer Michael Alan Nelson and his partner in crime, artist Matteo Scalera, deserve a standing ovation!

WRITTEN BY: Michael Alan Nelson
ART BY: Matteo Scalera
PRICE: $3.99

This book is much deeper than you’d think. When it first began I was enthralled by the quick pace and action, but was confused as to where the story was going. Subtle foreshadowing have come to fruition here, displaying the surprisingly complex plot line. A broader perspective of the current state of Oakhaven has been a constant theme throughout the books essentially setting up this pivotal 7th issue.

The other big factor in “Valen” and this issue in particular that stands our is the art style. As to be expected when the undead are involved, this story is quite dark, but the use of colour astounds me, the lich’s blue eyes, Zjanna’s (sexy) red outfit, and other similar uses of bright colours appeal to me as a reader. As mentioned in prior reviews, the art style itself is very fun, tight clean lines when people are conversing but as soon as the action picks up the images become more distorted giving you the illusion of witnessing movement.

If you haven’t picked up “Valen”, what are you waiting for? Action packed, fast pace, and an intricate story that I know will leave you craving the next issue. As this one comes to an end I can only wait in anticipation for the next issue.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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