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Chloe Moretz Looks Directly To Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ For Inspiration

In the coming months young superstar Chloe Grace Moretz will transform into a psychic prom queen when she becomes the third person to channel the character Carrie, the title role in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s coming-of-age novella.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the young starlette explains that she’s going to go under quite a transformation for the MGM reboot also starring Julianne Moore, Alex Russell, Ansel Elgort, Gabriella Wilde, Judy Greer and Portia Doubleday:

I am changing everything about me—my hair, my look. I’m doing my own take on [the character],” she explains on the difference between her role and De Palma’s 1976 Carrie. “The script is totally different from the [original]. It’s more like the book. It’s a more Black Swan version—it messes with your mind. You’ll see things, and you don’t know if you’ve seen them.

This time around, Moore will be playing her abrasive and psychotic mother. But Moretz feels they will still connect on set: “I don’t know if we are supposed to bond [because of our characters’ relationship], but I feel like we both will because we’re both cool.



  • Murdock408

    Very excited! Love Chloe and I hope it comes out well, she is a surprisingly great actor for her age and Carrie is definitely gonna be a tough role, but she sounds like she’s got a plan for it!

  • BelaManiac

    Agreed with Murdock on this one. She is a great actress. I can’t wait to see this.

  • zaglewiz

    You guys aren’t kidding. This is probably my most anticipated movie for next year. I have a feeling that Chloe will knock this one out of the park even if the movie sucks.

  • TrackRecord162

    Im pretty sure it will be a stellar performance hopefully the movie will be as well. They have tough act to follow/out-perform: A horror CLASSIC!

  • Skratchy

    This can’t be an actual poster…

    That being said, very stoked for this. Chloe Moretz is kind of the shit now.

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