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[OMFG] ‘Child’s Play’ Sequel Begins Casting! It’s The ‘Curse of Chucky’!

We’ve learned that casting is currently underway for Universal Home Entertainment’s Curse of Chucky, which will begin shooting in Winnipeg, Canada in September!

Franchise creator and writer Don Mancini will write, direct and produce. The best news is that Brad Dourif is back once again to voice the role of the killer doll (who has the soul of Charles Lee Ray trapped inside).

In the fifth sequel, a family gathers for a funeral, only to be met with an insane bloodbath caused by the infamous Chucky. The question is: what is the “curse” the titles eludes to?

As previously reported, the new sequel will be a throwback to the original Child’s Play trilogy, meaning less shenanigans and more bloodshed. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be seeing the busty and beautiful Jennifer Tilly in this one.

The cast will include the characters Nica, Ian, Barb, Jill, Sarah and Father Frank. Nica is a young wheelchair-bound girl who receives the doll; Ian is the father and Nica’s brother-in-law suspicious his wife is cheating on him; Barb is a mean-spiritied and greedy woman, Nica’s older sister; Jill is the lead and is a nanny having a secret affair with Barb; Sarah is Nica’s mother whom commits suicide.

Dourif introduced Chucky into the world in 1988’s Child’s Play, which was penned by Mancini. The franchise has spawned four sequels, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky.

Talk below, how excited are you?!



  • im actually excited about this one as long as it doesn’t get all silly like 4 and 5, dont get me wrong i liked those but its time to do chucky right 🙂

    • guarino2002

      Exactly bride of chucky and even seed of chucky had its points, but it lost all the horror that went along with him. If they could just ignore the last 2 and continue on where they were after the 3rd than this has a chance to be a good movie.

  • Skratchy

    From what I’ve read, this is being planned as direct to DVD. So, take that for what it’s worth. Hopefully, with Mancini behind it, we’ll still get a quality sequel though.

  • zaglewiz

    I’m excited for this one 😀 I’ve always liked the Childs Play movies, and even enjoyed 4 and 5 for what they were.

  • sk1994

    This is DAMN GOOD NEWS, thank God for no remake!! 😀 Looking forward to this movie!!

    • tim

      yeah its a reboot from what it says on another website!they are going to ignore bride of chucky and seed of chucky and this movie takes place shorty after childs play 3. and they are making another one after this one that will be a remake of the 1st one!

  • There is no actual ‘Curse’ per se. I think they’re doing a Frankenstein thing, like how they did Bride of Chucky/Bride of Frankenstein, Seed of Chucky/Son of Frankenstein, and now Curse of Chucky/Curse of Frankenstein. Now, if we could get Chucky to fight somebody…. Chucky vs Leprechaun, anybody?

    • killrobot

      it would be fun but chucky vs leprechaun is the opposite direction i’d like to see the franchise go, i want less campy/cheesy and more creepy/scary

  • EvilHead1981

    Damn, a sequel with Mancini and Dourif that is less comedy, more horror(like the first three, particularly the FIRST one)? Sign me UP! Why can’t more studios take cues from this? You don’t need to reboot franchises, just revisit the classic continuity with a new installment that negates the cheese/kookiness of the previous sequels. Return to form.

  • flesheater24

    OMFG indeed 🙂 i am so stoked chucky owns hope it goes back to the horror roots and not the dark humor as other’s 🙂

  • ThunderDragoon

    Fuck yes!!!!! So fucking excited! Been waiting almost 10 years for this lol. I’m so psyched that it’s going to be more like the first 3. AH!!!! CAN’T WAIT! Don Mancini and Brad Dourif coming back is the best news! So damn excited!

  • djblack1313

    i’ve never been into this franchise. the movie with the Grey’s Anatomy chick and Jennifer Tilly’s (who i DO love) voice was the final “these movies are terrible” nail in the coffin IMO.

  • Red_QuEeN

    I’m not very excited but then I stopped watching after part 3. I hope it can back to its roots, Chucky was genuinely scary, but like Freddy, lost his edge with every sequel.

  • TheUntouchable

    I Really Loved 4 And 5. They Are My True Favourites! I’m Going To Miss The Horror, And Tilly. I Really This Sequel Was A Continuation Of The Conclusion Of Seed Of Chucky. Chucky Respawns And Takes Revenge On Tilly And Glen In Their Human Forms. His Daughter, Since She Had The Killer Instinct, Gets Put In To A Doll, As They Take Out Vengeance On Tiffany And Glen.

    • Ben

      Why miss the horror? It said these were going back to how the original trilogy was, i.e. less camp and more horror.

  • Nothing333

    Another Hollywood example of milking it.

  • anthonyd1

    Honestly, I would rather see a remake for the big screen than this half assed direct to video sequel

  • I can’t wait! I really hope this isn’t a direct to DVD. So hyped right now. I just hope that it goes back to it’s roots. No Tilly, No stupid comedy. Just a good, dark horror. I did like Part 4 and 5. But i’m done with those.

  • I so want to be in this movie !!!!!!

  • EvilDeadFridaythe13thfan

    I prefer the original trilogy over the Bride and Seed movies (Seed was awful!!) So what ever happened to the remake they were penning? Is that scrapped now, or are they going to make it eventually down the road? Either way, I’ll be looking forward to this. (I am glad Jennifer Tilly isn’t returning, she was annoying.) I’m glad this is going back to it’s roots; horror.

  • DoctorAwker

    I think a direct-to-video release is a good way to test the waters and see how much of a fanbase these movies can still pull in. I like the idea to just ignore Bride and Seed, I’m just curious to see how they pull it off. Specifically whether we’ll see the scarred version like in 4 and 5, or whether Chucky will look like a new doll again.

  • Snoogans

    Good news. I would gladly take this sequel over a remake any day. Though, I was looking forward to another ‘horror comedy’ that continued the ‘Seed’ story line, because I really enjoyed the direction the last two films took. Still, with the original creator and voice actor back, this is more than acceptable.

  • catawampus

    dear god I hope Mancini actually listens to his fans and stays the hell away from the atrocity that was Seed of Chucky.

  • Original_Vicious

    I think this movie will be GREAT if they put the main characters in the movie like jennifer tilly, dont get me wrong i loved all the movies and im a big fan of chucky…but yeah please take my request on this!

  • MGrcia

    I’m damn excited for this, I miss the original movies that scared the crap outta kids 😛

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  • Lovekiller634

    Its feels wrong to have watched Bride,Seed of chucky. this one should be call childs play 4. but when is the trailer realeasd. Wait… is Chucky gonna work alone again or with that human girl. hope its not go over overreact like jason x

  • FreddyFreak1991

    I’ve always loved Chucky he is a very large part of my childhood. I am really looking forward to seeing this. I may always be a Freddy fan at heart but Chucky hits a soft spot. Lol… CAN’T WAIT

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