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Take The Ultimate Horror Challenge!!! What’s Your Score?

This isn’t a list of every horror movie ever made. Nor does it contain every major work of every horror auteur (you’ll notice we didn’t include John Carpenter’s They Live or Wes Craven’s The Last House On The Left). Rather, this is a compendium of films that we feel – in one way or another – are essential viewing for every horror fan. Some are mainstream (Poltergeist), some aren’t (Cannibal Holocaust). It’s a broad sampling of key films from the genre.

But you don’t have to be a horror die-hard to take the challenge! If you’re comfortable being a “Soccer Mom”, simply clock how many of these you have (or haven’t) seen and let us know! There are 61 Films listed below the jump. Each film you’ve seen earns you 1 Point. Count out how many you’ve seen and let us know which category you fall into. You can give us your specific count in the comments or yell at us for the films we’ve left out!! The categories are:

1-10 Points: Soccer Mom

11-20 Points: Mildly Adventurous

21-30 Points: Casual Fan

31-40 Points: Hardcore

41-50 Points: Unstable

51-60 Points: Psychopath

61 Points: Special Circle Of Hell

Head inside to take the challenge! The films are listed in no particular order. This is NOT a ranking!

Whether or not it was actually directed by Steven Spielberg or Tobe Hooper, it’s certainly one of the more menacing Amblin films.

A classic that outdoes the original in every way.

One of the first, and most successful, “found footage” hits.

Dario Argento’s most popular giallo.

5. THE SHINING (1980)
Even though Stephen King disliked this adaptation, it remains of one the scariest films ever made. Another classic in Stanley Kubrick’s nearly impeccable filmography.

6. UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS (You must have seen at least 2 of these to count as one point).
Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Not a bad run! Without them you would have The Monster Squad!

More queasy and disturbing than it is terrifying, it’s a gorgeous and bold film.

The most imaginative slasher in history?

9. FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)
A Halloween rip-off that spawned a franchise I love dearly.

10. HALLOWEEN (1978)
Maybe the best slasher ever? It also spawned a franchise, but its sequels aren’t nearly as entertaining as F13‘s.

Along with The Shining it’s one of only a few eternally terrifying films. Also? Surprisingly obscene.

One of Jonathan Demme’s strongest works. The film that “legitimized” horror for adults in the early ’90’s.

Peter Jackson’s zombie opus is widely considered one of the goriest films ever made.

Sam Raimi’s gooshy Looney-Tunes episode comes to life.

15. PSYCHO (1960)
Partly inspired by Ed Gein, easily Hitchcock’s most famous horror film.

16. JAWS
One of the best movies ever made. Period.

Also partly inspired by Ed Gein, albeit in a much different manner than Psycho. And unlike Poltergeist, we’re fairly certain that Tobe Hooper directed all of it.

Eli Roth’s film outdoes Saw by actually having something on its mind. Not to mention greater cinematic flair.

One of Brian DePalma’s best films and one of the best Stephen King adaptations FTW!

20. [REC]
Paco Plaza’s calling card spawned its own franchise (along with the remake Quarantine and its sequel).

Don Coscarelli’s classic is one of the many reasons we’re all waiting for John Dies At The End.

Argento’s colorful stylistic precursor to Suspiria.

For one brief movie, we were scared of a doll. The next four? Not so much.

I rented this from Blockbuster when I was 12 and I had no idea what the hell was going on at the time. In hindsight, that’s a good thing.

25. SAW
Saw may not be as effective as Hostel, but it has some truly clever/ingenious moments and it launched a franchise you could set your watch to.

One of my personal favorites of all time. The rare horror film that balances gore, scares, characters, laughs and genuine heartfelt emotion perfectly.

In one of the best Christmas movies ever, Chris Columbus perfectly balanced menace with heart. Phoebe Cates gets a monologue for the ages.

We’d have no zombies without George A. Romero. Not as we know them now, at least.

29. DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978)
We all know that Romero tackles consumerism in this masterpiece, but even without the commentary it’s still an amazing movie. The pinnacle of his career.

Expertly acknowledges and sidesteps the legend of Night Of The Living Dead, creating its own zombie sub-genre in the process.

The best southern vampire movie that never uses the word “vampire”. Kathryn Bigelow and Eric Red fashioned one for the ages that was unfortunately overshadowed at the box office by The Lost Boys.

Edgar Wright displays a near perfect grasp of tone, character, structure and visual acumen on his first feature.

Why didn’t more of you go see this? One of Raimi’s best! You guys are killing me!

34. TROLL 2
Because sometimes you need a palate cleanser.

35. FRIGHT NIGHT (1985)
Almost like the 2011 version. Except for the fact that it’s actually a fun movie and makes a modicum of sense.

One of the few horror films that can actually churn my stomach.

David Fincher becomes “David F*cking Fincher” on his second feature. An impressively nihilistic studio film.

James Gunn does Night Of The Creeps one better by making a far more satisfying movie about an intergalactic entity experiencing love for the first time.

Dario Argento wrote this Lamberto Bava-directed romp about a zombie outbreak in a German movie theater. It’s insanely fun. If you haven’t seen it, seek it out (though I guess that should be said for every film in this challenge).

Almost as disturbing as Henry. Remember when people thought this was a real snuff film?

While I prefer Paranormal Activity 3, there’s no denying the tectonic shift this film caused in the horror industry.

Chan-wook Park’s masterpiece. The less you know about it, the better.

Danny Boyle reinvigorates the zombie genre for the 2000’s.

Ridley Scott’s 1979 film has aged perfectly. Still gorgeous, brilliant and terrifying.

Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven’s 1996 film was the first post-modern slasher hit (a few had tried and failed before, including Craven himself with New Nightmare). It’s also just a good movie. Craven has always been an up-and-down director and this is one of his higher points, if not his highest.

46. THE BLOB (1988)
Dude. Chuck Russell and Frank Darabont hit a post Dream Warriors humdinger with this one. So fun!

Frank Darabont in a slightly less fun mood. One mainstream cinema’s bleakest endings.

48. THE FLY (1986)
Just like John Carpenter did with The Thing, David Cronenberg takes his source material to new (and disgusting) highs with his version of The Fly.

The best horror film of 2012. So far.

Easily one of the scariest movies of the past 10 years. I defy you not to squirm.

Beautiful, heartfelt and macabre. Complete with a satisfying tragicomic ending. Be sure to watch with the right set of subtitles!

In which Joon-ho Bong becomes South Korea’s Stephen Spielberg. A great ride.

Find someone who hasn’t seen this movie. Make them watch it, but don’t tell them what it is. See what happens.

Nosferatu gave us vampires along a timelessly cool design for them.

Find abduction scenes unsettling? Fire In The Sky won’t do much to help.

John Carpenter’s nod to Stephen King is certainly wacky, but its kitchen sink attitude makes it a classic. This may be the last time he hit one out of the park.

Arguably one of the best voodoo movies ever made.

Long live the horror anthology!

I wonder how many more Annie Wilkes’ are out there now that the internet is widely in use. A movie that will make you second guess any desire you have to be a celebrity.

Only nine years old, but already one of the classic South Korean horror films. Directed by Jee-woon Kim.

Jee-woon Kim’s last film has both enough detractors and proponents to make it worth seeing.

Now add up your points! Did we leave anything out that you think would be key to the test? Be sure to let us know!

1-10 Points: Soccer Mom; 11-20 Points: Mildly Adventurous; 21-30 Points: Casual Fan; 31-40 Points: Hardcore; 41-50 Points: Unstable; 51-60 Points: Psychopath; 61 Points: Special Circle Of Hell



  • Snoogans

    55! Psychopath. I wholeheartedly agree with this list, by the way. Excellent selection.

    • 57.

    • William T. Smith

      61. All of these are basic in horror fandom

    • markus666187

      I seen all of them and own 46 of them, so where would that put me? you left out amateur porn star killer, dead snow, la horde and eaters.

    • halloweengal81

      i got 60. Cannibal Holocaust is the only one i haven’t seen on this list

    • DarlingAzzy

      Funny, I scored 55 too.

    • artistvspoet

      61 Points !!!Special Circle Of Hell wow i am honored and psychotic!!I’ve seen it all!!maybe more…

  • James-Alan

    I got 54.

  • Judas

    I haven’t seen Cannibal Holocaust or Hostel (don’t care for torture movies) or Fire in the Sky (honestly I didn’t think of it as horror).

    So that puts me at 58

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    list needs antichrist.
    and martyrs.

  • 43 i believe …

  • BloodyBass


  • Darkness69

    This list needs Re-animator, Dead and Buried and They live! Not to mention Ju-on, Ringu, etc… Otherwise, I’ve got 52.

  • J-SiN

    51 now.

    Have to agree with Martyrs and Antichrist, and throw Inside on the list as well.

  • secretsquirrely

    46. Though am sure I’ll be up to the 50s soon. A lot of the ones I haven’t seen are on my “to watch” list.

  • Grime

    Good list, but not sure why you didn’t just make an even 100 movies. There are plenty of movies missing as yo already know.

  • 57. No Hammer? Jeesh…!!

  • darkrequiem1134


  • Frigo_Kapeesh

    51 – Just made it into the Psychopath Club!

  • I got 58…..

  • Jasonicus

    60. Deep Red was the only one I have never seen.

    • crow454

      Same with me! 60, Deep Red being the only one I missed. I don’t think Cannibal Holocaust should be on here. Its garbage, not essential viewing.

  • Jonathan Barkan

    61. And people wonder why I write for a horror website…

  • katakhom

    41: Hardcore. Better than I thought. I mainly checked out the list for some recommendations. Now I’ve got a list of movies to watch. Thanks, BloodyDisgusting, for making me a man!

  • I got 53 ………… 51-60 Points: Psychopath

  • DeathSeeker180

    “Eli Roth’s film outdoes Saw by actually having something on its mind. Not to mention greater cinematic flair.” LOLOLOL You guys…

  • Bodyhammer

    59 I Saw the Devil and Cabin in the Woods are the only ones I haven’t seen on this list. Not too shabby.

  • coldblood

    I’ve seen 52 and have 30 of these on dvd right now. Should have taken off Troll 2 since its more of a ‘bad movie’ than a horror movie and filled that slot with Martyrs. Also should have thrown in The Poughkeepsie Tapes to see who’s willing to seek out their horror flicks.

    • EvanDickson

      Sticking to commercially released horror films.

  • acadianreaper

    52 psyco!!!!……some of the other ones I feel was missing was Zombie, Pulse, Ringu, One missed call (japanese), The Amnityville Horror, The hills Have Eyes, several others!!!

  • AnAddictedGamer

    Oh my god that comment about the shit-fest known as Hostel being superior to Saw made me foam at the mouth with rage.

  • sixxer

    61 points, but not surprised I already made reservations in that special circle lol. There were a few that probably could have been added or left off the list, but overall not bad at all.

  • Eville

    42. Unstable would be about right. XD

  • thalazy

    Only 41 guess I am hardcore.

  • Black Shadow

    57 out of 61.

    I haven’t seen “Cannibal Holocaust” and “I Saw the Devil”, but they don’t seem like movies I would like. Furthermore, I started but didn’t finish “Henry” (too upsetting), “Suspiria” and “Demons” (both too stupid – I barely made it through “Deep Red”).

    Will check out “Fire in the Sky” and “The Serpent and the Rainbow” though, thanks for the tips!

  • thegodthatfailed


  • H666

    60 – just I Saw the Devil left then i’m golden

    • felixbrewer

      It’s fun.

  • BadCrumbs

    59 out of 61 (I’ve never seen REC or Paranormal Activity) and I own 50 of the movies on dvd. I need to get a life.

  • BadCrumbs

    And to the person who said that Suspiria and Demons are “too stupid” that’s ridiculous.

  • N3kr0

    Where’s Martyrs? Inside?

    • drexel369

      Inside and Martyrs… I concur!

  • chiram

    61 – I also thought that I would note that I own almost every film on the this list. The few films on the list that I don’t own are films which I personally hate. I therefore refuse to pay for or include them in my collection in any way. Films like Blair Witch, Hostel and Paranormal Activity, to name a few.

  • Lonmonster

    I had 42. Looks like I’ve got some movies to watch! Oddly it’s mostly stuff after #50

  • djblack1313

    YES! i’m a psychopath but then again, my therapist could have told you that! 🙂

  • 61.
    Though I’ve not loved all of them.

  • drexel369

    Nice list… got a 58. Still wondering where hell Re-Animator, The Omen, Puppet Master, and Pumpkinhead are! Come on, one of these could have replaced Troll 2. I love all the Evil Dead movies but how did Evil Dead 2 top the first Evil Dead???

    • EvanDickson

      Re-Animator and Omen would be good additions. Almost put the Omen on but there were a lot of mainstream ones on there and I wanted to balance it out with some medium/small stuff.

      • drexel369

        Understandable… still a great list. I’m sure it could have gone on and on. Only a few on your list I haven’t seen. Got some movies to watch this weekend!

  • Tex Massacre


  • BabyJaneHudson

    51 – Psychopath! Of the 10 I haven’t seen I’ve been actively planning on seeing at least 5 of them – if I can get my hands on a copy of Cannibal Holocaust (not at our local video store).

  • BelaManiac

    I’m unstable but we’ve all known that for years! Ha!

  • B-Stank

    I’ll see you in the “special circle of hell”

  • chade

    51 psychopath. Great list.

  • Only saw paranormal 3. And serpent and the rainbow was so long ago for me i couldnt count it. Still a solid 40. Most of them i missed were the foreign language ones. I did see Audition.. Disturbing twist on Fatal Attraction but horror? no original fly? Any other hitchcock?

  • mike21999


  • Slasher17

    41, I’m unstable

  • Corey-Mitchell

    60 – I guess I lose my Bloody Disgusting contributor status now. 🙁


    • felixbrewer

      It’s a movie based on a “true story” book about a guy being abducted in like the 70s. Has one of the best body horror scenes ever. Well worth a watch imo

    • Tex Massacre

      Fire in the Sky is HANDS DOWN the best Alien Abduction movie ever. Scary as hell!

      • felixbrewer

        I totally agree.

      • Corey-Mitchell

        Thanks guys! I love a killer alien abduction flick? I’ll be sure to check it out. But is it horror or Sci-Fi?

        • felixbrewer

          It’s like a sci-fi drama with a great little chunk of body horror in a sci-fi setting.

      • drexel369

        I recently saw the movie Altered, a low budget alien movie that turned out to be pretty good. Good old school special effects!

  • twisted

    57. No Troll 2, Cannibal Holocaust, The Blob, or Fire in the Sky. I’m good with it.

  • Robcbh


  • 45 hardcore

  • 39, but i didn’t count the ones i had only seen once and many years previously. if you can’t remember actually sitting down, putting in the tape/dvd and watching the movie from start to finish, it’s as good as not having seen it.

  • SW1134

    Lost count a couple times, so it’s give or take, but seen 52, own 39 of em. So many movies, so little time…

  • xedgeinx

    59… haven’t seen ‘serpent’ or ‘fire in the sky’

    • felixbrewer

      Both are worth watching. Fire in the sky has one of the best scenes ever put on film.

  • Evil_Flip

    53, though I’m not proud of some like Paranormal activity. I do like the inclusion of In The Mouth of Madness though.

  • EvilHead1981

    53, I’m a psychopath. Never say Paranormal Activity, nor some of the Asian ones(particularly Oldboy and Tale of Two Sisters, though I DID see I Saw the Devil, which was damn awesome). There’s a few others too. I do think this list is pretty near perfect regarding the “best of” of the Horror genre.

  • theshape31

    -Minus .5 for Hostel… stopped watching ‘cuz it sucked.
    -Minus .5 for Hellraiser… saw as kid, I remember nothing.
    -Minus 1 for Near Dark.
    -Minus 1 for Fright Night.
    -Minus 1 for Demons.
    -Minus 1 for Cannibal Holocaust.
    -Minus 1 for Audition.
    -Minus 1 for The Serpent and The Rainbow

    I scored a 54, cheers fellow psychopaths!

  • felixbrewer

    55-56 because I was pretty inebriated when I watched Deep Red back in the day and do not remember what actually happened.


  • Angelripper

    Great list.

    My score of 48/60 was actually better than I thought I would do. Nearly all of my misses were foreign films, most of which I now plan to seek out.

    Glad to see American Werewolf in London. Was hoping to see The Howling, too.

    Damn good list.

  • Ryan

    61. I’m not sure whether this is a good or bad thing.

  • voseihn

    wow, seen them all at least twice expect for I Saw the Devil and Tale of Two Sisters which I’ve only seen once apiece.

  • 54, nice score… kind of proud ? I have to say this list is the least you have to see to call yourself a true horror fan !

  • I have seen 45 of them but can we add points for sequels or remakes…like 28 Weeks Later, Creepshow 2, the original Swedish version of Let The Right One In, every Friday the 13th, Every Nightmare on Elm St and all of the classic Universal classic horror.

  • I have seen 45, not bad there are some that i have heard of but not seen. so it looks like i have homework to do.

  • Nothing333

    Nothing really obscure on the list at all, an easy one to master.

    • EvanDickson

      A more obscure one may be in the cards for later…

  • K-Dogg

    57 baby…..

  • Lion7718

    55 for me…

  • hilljack

    I have seen 58

  • xxxwolf666

    55. Didn’t see a few of the Japanese films.

  • tlyon2

    42,I’m unstable.

  • 59, missing Deep Red and Two Sisters

  • cryocore

    61. There are a few omissions but any list is always going to have that. I will add though that I saw Braindead (aka Dead Alive. Its actual title. The one used in every country except The U.S.) in Peter Jacksons home theatre a few years ago (well 10 actually). Single greatest horror moment ever surely thats worth an extra point. So 62 😀

  • re_bleached

    48…Deep Red, Suspira, Rosemary’s Baby (seen it dont remember much),[Rec], Troll 2, Cannibal Holocaust, The Blob, The Host, Audition, Old Boy, Fire In The Sky, A Tale Of Two Sisters, I Saw The Devil.

    I know of them all, Not a huge fan of Asian Horror, The Giallo films haven’t gotten to yet. I tend to watch obscure slasher and monster films.

  • Catastrophe

    43. I’m no psychopath but at least I’m unstable. Yay! 😀

  • SwampThing13

    I got 60. Fire in the Sky is the only I haven’t seen. I’ll watch it this weekend

  • thezombieepidemic

    61. i was hoping this list would contain movies that are little more challenging to view. the movies on this list are the ground work to any decent minded horror fan. give us hardcore horror followers a more challenging challenge. i would rather get a low score with an awesome list of films i need to check out than a high score and a very small sense of accomplishment. DO IT!

    • EvanDickson

      On it!

    • Mr.Mirage

      I didn’t rank as high as you, but totally in agreement.

  • 54.5… not bad… I gave myself a half point for the classic Universal monsters cuz, sadly, I’ve only seen Creature from the Black Lagoon… although I’ve seen Monster Squad about 1000 times, so maybe that counts 🙂 I’ve also never seen Nosferatu (I know, a travesty), or most of the Asian films listed… I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Troll 2 either, but I’m really not too upset about that… overall I’d say I make a pretty damn good psychopath!

  • Viva-la-horror

    I’m at 56 but a few of those I only saw a portion of the film and not the entire film so I didn’t count those. I’m kinda suprised Bad Taste wasn’t chosen.

  • Heard of all 61, but only watch 58 of them. The Host, I Saw the Devil and A Tale of Two Sisters damn you!!!

  • EvilDeadFridaythe13thfan

    I’ve seen 39 of these. I guess I’m Hardcore! 🙂

  • 59. drag me to hell, demons, on the watch list

  • Excellent list! Nearly all my misses are on my “Must Watch” list.

  • 52 for me..

  • ThunderDragoon

    51 – Psychopath. 😀 I would’ve had more if you separated the Universal monster movies. There were some comedy ones that just didn’t belong at all on this list. Troll 2? Really? Comedies, or just obviously awful movies in general like the above, shouldn’t be on an article titled “The Ultimate Horror Challenge.” Just my opinion.

    • Skratchy

      Most real fans should appreciate all subgenres of horror (especially since horror and comedy go hand in hand so well together), not just the ones about an invincible guy in a mask killing teenagers one by one.

    • Mr.Mirage

      If they must include Troll 2, they should have left it a little more open, like they did with the Universal collection. Really bad horror films are the norm (sadly) but some have their own quirky charm.

  • theodds22

    I got 20. 😐
    I haven’t got a chance to watch a lot of classic horror movies. I think it’s about time.

  • Lionel-Cosgrove

    Gah! 60 out of 61! Damn you NOSFERATU!

  • Slacker2387



  • Joe-Banger

    Ive seen almost everyone of those films, Gremlins is not a horror film except to litte kids maybe. And Paranormal Activity most certainly is not a horror film! It sucked! No I lost count of what I saw and some of them I have to see again.

    • EvanDickson

      It doesn’t have to be scary to you to be a horror film. It definitely hits the horror beats.

  • Skratchy

    57! Meh. Close enough 😛

  • Walsh79

    46. Kinda upset with myself.

  • Krug09

    42 – unstable!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • 58. Damn it! I’ve got some work to do.

  • HMH


  • UndeadRaziel

    I’m a Psychopath! Sweet!!!! I’m so proud! 😀

  • richbeast

    Made it to psychopath status barely…
    Alright horror fans, help me pick tonights movie from what I have not seen. Mind you I would like to watch a movie that doesnt show its age too terribly… Meaning I would love to enjoy the film, and not just notice how old and ridicoulous it is. Thanks.

    -Deep Red
    -Cannibal hollacaust
    -Near Dark
    -In the mouth of madness
    -Tale of two sisters

    • mactheripper09

      i would go with In the mouth of madness or Near Dark.


  • xshadowscreamx

    39, im still hardcore…can i add another 2 point if i seen martyrs and battle royale, then i would be unstable.

  • 59, psychopath! Troll 2, worst movie ever made and Fire in the Sky got me.

  • xshadowscreamx

    i disagree that hostel is better then saw, rosemarys baby was boring.

  • Cozen

    49-unstable. Some I’ve seen in part but refused partial credit. To those who haven’t seen “I Saw the Devil”…do yourself a favor.

    Richbeast – in the mouth of madness

  • Zombi-thon

    49 Unstable, working on Psychopath. Although I wont be able to make it to 61 cause there are a couple that I just don’t have any interest in watching. Namely Cannibal Holocaust. I have a copy of it but decided I didn’t really want to watch it after I learned about the real animal killing.

  • LastCubScout

    54 Psychopath. Yeah, you guys should make your list an even 100. How about ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, ‘Night of the Demons’, ‘Candyman’, ‘The Haunting’, ‘Legend of Hell House’,…?

    • Mr.Mirage

      Good calls, all! Would’ve improved my numbers.

  • 52

  • j.c

    With the exception of Cabin in the Woods (only because it’s not out yet, and I wil;l rectify that as soon as it’s released), I own all of these in one form of another, so Ive seen them all. 61! Warm up my seat in the circle baby! LOL!


    49. almost a psychopath. but seeing Cannibal Holocaust and the fact ive saw 17 of these before I was 12 years old should boost me up there and probably put my parents in the circles.



      • thezombieepidemic

        i watched all 61 of these before i was 4.78 years old. can i get some extra credits too?

  • Mr.Mirage

    For the 61 crowd: only a matter of time. Some have had to be collected, and I have some time alone coming up, so that number will increase. Sadly, some are not in my possession, but, well…. Island Of Lost Souls is not on this list, nor The Wicker Man, and lumping the Universal films into a pile was just … never mind.

    Troll 2? No. The Attack Of The Giant Leaches, thanks. Or The Killer Shrews.

    Not a lot of drive in fare here.

  • mactheripper09

    45.Definitely need at least one of the french extreme films,Martyrs,Frontiers,Inside or High Tension.Thanks for the recommendations on the rest!

  • 61 Points: Special Circle Of Hell

    That’s almost basic horror knowledge

  • I’ve never seen Nosferateau, Cabin in the woods, or cannibal holocaust. and only half of the host.


  • soundofmurder


    This was fun. You should do one for Sci-Fi films.

  • doomas10

    get readyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! got 36! still haven’t time to see such classics as child’s play and the shinning! to quote marlon brando ” the horror the horror!” now crucify me! ^_^

  • Scream!? Oh com’on.

    Where is A Serbian Film, August Underground, Lords of Salem, Itchi the Killer, Men Behind the Sun, Cutting Moments, Guinea pig, 120 Days of Sodom etc?

  • BangBangSkeetSkeet

    42 dammit, some I just have no interest in seeing but I might give in and watch a few just for the hell of it! Pretty good list though!

  • 21 points, but i can think of movies i’ve seen:

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2-3, A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-6, Halloween 2,4-8, Scream 2 and 3, 28 Weeks Later, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Amityville Horror, Jaws 2-4, Friday the 13th parts II-VIII, House of Dracula, Horror of Dracula, Dracula Prince of Darkness, Gremlins 2, Dracula has risen from the grave, House of Frankenstein, Dracula A.D 1972, Day of the Dead, Night of the living Dead 1990, Dead Snow,

  • DoctorAwker

    43- Unstable. Not bad; I didn’t count the ones that I haven’t seen the entire movie, otherwise it would be about ten higher. I have at least heard of all the ones I haven’t seen. I’ll have to Netflix some of these later 🙂

  • kira2879

    56 I am disappointed I missed a few of those. I now have a watch list.

  • I’ve seen exactly 50 I have a new goal to reach haha. Though I did see most of Cannibal Holocaust but I didn’t count it because it wasn’t a full viewing.

  • Trixxxster

    What, no Empire/Full Moon films? Quite a few of those are pretty essential viewing for any self-respecting horror fan.

  • Mayday

    56 of the 61. I’m a certified Psychopath! Oh yeah! Giggity giggity!

  • kannibalklown8

    36 of them, at hardcore which im really disappointed at myself for it.
    that shall change.

  • shyGemini

    Yea, I’m pretty Hardcore.

  • 53 I have seen. Gremlins is a kids movie though and you have to have Martyrs, Ju-On, I Spit on Your Grave, The Last House on the Left and especially Inside on this list. Insidious was worth putting on it too.

  • I acheived 51,not sure about being a pyschopath,but you made the rules!

  • honorius

    Are u kidding me ? I have seen 55 of these and i don’t consider gremlins as “horror” and i own more than 300 horror dvd’s including 10 times in a dvd the night of the living dead (all the available editions) all slasher 80s movies available in dvd and there are many horrors u left out like “horror express” and “lifeforce” which are A MUST and still I’M NOT A PSYCHOPATH just because i have seen more than 300 pure horror movies in my life. I am married with two kids. PAMELA and JASON (from friday the 13th)


    4) FRIDAY THE 13TH

  • So, I got a nice, respectable score of 50, so I am obviously UNSTABLE, friends and neighbors, LOL. There are one or two titles that I wouldn’t exactly call horror, even though they did scare audiences very well though.

    My TOP 10(and I must say the order does not indicate popularity at all, it’s just a list as I think of them. In my opinion, they are all popular.):

    1. Scanners(1981)We’re gonna do this the scanner way, I’m gonna suck your brain dry!!!
    2. Phantasm(1979)BOY!!!!!!!
    3. Tourist Trap(1979) One of my personal favorites!
    4. Suspiria(1977) Gotta give it up for Dario Argento!
    5. The Shining(Stanley’s of course)(1980) Need I say more?
    6. Motel Hell(1980) Meat’s meat, and man’s gotta eat!
    7. Nightbreed(1990) No list would be complete without some Clive Barker!! The man’s a genius!!
    8. The Exorcist(1973) I still have the dismembered foot prop I used for HALLOWEEN that she signed when I worked at a haunted house. I didn’t have a can of pea soup at the time, hehe, and she wouldn’t sign a Bible(shucky darns).
    9. American Werewolf In London(1981) I’m sorry I called you meatloaf, Jack.
    10. John Carpenter’s The Fog(1980)I do love a good Pirate Ship Ghost Story!!!

    Of course, Life wouldn’t be complete without John Carpenter’s Halloween, so I am tossing it in there, too. It is a must for any horror fan!!!! There are so many to be appreciated, that a list of 10 just doesn’t cut it, but this will do for now…

  • pinkyjones

    67, not bad but just means I have some more movies to watch!

  • eEL


  • xSeveras713x

    48 The Howling and Zombi are 2 that should definately be on the next.

  • I scored the Psychopath title. 53. That makes me tingle inside. I need to up my numbers, time to hit the underground vault.

  • Come on ! Not very accurate, I counted 40, but where was Carnival of Souls, 7 Doors of Death, Trilogy of Terror, Day of The Dead, Army of Darkness, From Hell, Killer Klowns, Amityville Horror, The Violent Kind, Demon Knight, From Dusk Till Dawn, Trick or Treat, The Howling,The Unholy, The Valentines Day Massacre, C.H.U.D, Waxworks,The Omen, Children of the Corn, Children of the Damned… Right there I just bumped my score up to 60 !

  • MakeThisAMovies

    Sweet.. with a score 78 I “need meds”. Shakma? What the hell. I’ll have to track that one down. You should add Cold Prey and Dead in 3 Days. Both are pretty stellar foreign slashers. Even harder to find is Dead in 3 Days 2 which I managed to find on this cool new site called Mubi (think netflix but more underground shit). I really recommend DI3D movies. The sequel takes a truly unique path by showing how someone who has survived a sl alsoasher movie situation would actually be affected. Also, you guys should add my directorial debut Defiled. It sucks pretty hard but has some cool gore…you wanted obscure, right?

  • Trinity

    I have 49 =)

  • Natobomb

    I LOVE the fact that Drag Me To Hell was included on this list. Tons of fun and a great return to form after Raimi got lost in the Spider Man universe. Do I dare say Insidious could find a place on this list though? Honestly one of the better horror films I’ve seen in recent memory just as Cabin In The Woods was….

  • HellraiserVixen

    I got 55 – Psychopath 🙂

  • Haley

    45, I’m so hardcore… I’ve been meaning to see Near Dark and Suspiria. I’ll get to those this weekend if their still on Netflix instant. 😀

  • blaculahunter

    I registered just to post this. 52…Psychpath!!!

  • 34 HARDCORE because most of these movies are very hard to find in greece! if i had the oppurtunity i would have seen 59 because it know about these movies and i have been looking for them… but i believe i am a psychopath since ive seen many other old horror movies….

  • so apparently i’m a casual fan (30)… it’s true that i am behind on my classics

  • DaveBlaze

    Im at 55 and I still havent seen :
    -Troll 2
    I have to say I am disappointed in myself. I guess I have to knock these films out this week.

  • divisionbell

    58. Haven’t seen Rosemary’s Baby, Rec or Two Sisters yet.

    Nice call out on Near Dark by the way. Just recently saw Cannibal Holocaust and was not expecting it to be so well done.

    Think you definitely need to include some Frech Horror. Also, you mention American Werewolf…but not The Howling?

  • minjofu

    48 .. but I noticed that a lot of the ones I haven’t seen I’ve skipped on purpose..

  • QuasiQualified

    42..I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend…

  • monsterocket

    48 – Hardcore. Probably seen more, but there were a few I didn’t quite remember (so I left those out).

  • DragonSlayer111

    54….they gotta add the Antichrist to this of the most messed up films ive seen

  • hell_razor

    booo 60! fire in the sky never appealed to me, i know i sat through about half of it, but i didnt complete it so i dont give myself the point… other than that. the list is pretty basic.. yay

  • TheOlive

    59….I never saw Deep Red or Troll 2. I’ll grab my popcorn and drawing pad haha.

  • but-sir-the-piranha

    48, unstable. had a solid beginning but fell off towards the end with asian horror which i’ve never been a big fan of.

  • jaster94

    i got 37. but i’m still only 17,so i guess that’s not bad lol

  • LuJr81

    I clocked in at 47 so I’m unstable! I knew something was wrong with me lol. I agree with most of the movies in this list except drag me to hell, that movie blows.

  • jdscissorhands

    40: Hardcore (not far from being unstable!!)

  • CosmicAvenger

    50! One away from being unstable. (only because I have some of these already that I haven’t gotten around to watching yet. Like Dead Alive, Tale of Two Sisters, Fire in the Sky. Looks like those will be next on my agenda!) This is a very good list.

  • CosmicAvenger

    Oh, read it wrong. Looks like I’m actually one away from being a psychopath! Watch out!

  • Schizophrenic


  • claytonofthedead

    56 psychopath . I own most of these movies. I am loving the list.

  • sadiesaidhorror

    I considered movies I simply couldn’t tolerate as not watched, such as Argento films (sorry) and Cannibal Holocaust. I got 15 minutes in, fwd another 25 minutes, then gave up. It was terrible. Italians just don’ta do-a horror so well-a.

  • fakeZ3

    51, Psychopath.

  • Crystal_Lake_Survivor

    61!!!!! Do I get bonus points if I own them all? 🙂

  • ZombieAddict

    Im a Psychopath

  • Zach_83

    49 Unstable. I didn’t count any that I couldn’t remember seeing all the way through. I need to watch the Universal classics.


    Well, made it to Psychopath (60), father would be proud. One thing, #56: In The Mouth of Madness is a nod to both Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft.

  • hell_razor

    yay, seen them all! i shouldnt be proud of that.pretty generic list tho!

  • KevieKev

    50!!! Just 1 movie away from being a psychopath. I saw half of Slither, but missed a good chunk of it… so I guess I’m borderline’

    Movies I would add include Black Christmas (the first slasher), Candyman, My Bloody Valentine (1981), The Phantom of the Opera (1925 silent), The Omen, Last House (which you admitted to omitting), and The Hills Have Eyes. Last House and Hills I would think are important representatives for the 70’s grindhouse films.

  • SonofVoodoo

    57, I don’t think that’s too bad. As far a larger list, I would suggest Last House(original)and Chronos.

  • LittleMissViolent

    I’ve only seen 33. Very disappointed with myself. In my defence however I have seen quite a few that never made the list. Very glad Fright Night (the original, fuck the remake) was on the list. 🙂
    Also, am I the only person who thought Cabin in the Woods was total wank?

  • xXmissZombie

    “Saw may not be as effective as Hostel.” What’s with the comparison of SAW and Hostel? Love how the description of the movie is pretty much a downer for not “living up to Hostel” when I couldn’t even make it through the beginning of Hostel cause it was so stupid and boring. Hmm, a movie about a man w/ cancer trapping 2 guys & forcing them to test their will to live OR a group of stoners whose only goal in life is getting laid being captured and tortured by psychopaths? Totally different films entirely, minus the torture.

  • Swinny UK

    46- unstable 🙂
    And the ones I haven’t seen, I own them on Blu-Ray anyway!

  • 666obese666 .

    54 – psychopath -l-

  • Matt Graupman

    45. Not bad, but I gotta catch up on the older ones… Also, “Fire In The Sky” totally f*cked me up as a kid.

  • Michael Sampson

    51! Got a lot to watch now this month. Nice list!

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