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BD Infected Musician Spotlight: Imaginarius



The numbers of the BD Infected grow and swell with each day. Over 200,000 strong, our love and passion for horror shows no signs of stopping and we at Bloody-Disgusting are thrilled to see this community prosper. But something that we want to do is showcase YOUR talents and YOUR abilities. That’s why I want to continue this series of BD Infected Musicians where I give you, the reader and member of Bloody-Disgusting, the opportunity to broadcast your music to all who visit the site.

Last week we promoted AbdeCaf and this week we present to you Imaginarius, from Infected member Mako. Head below to hear your fellow horror enthusiast’s musical project!

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IMAGINARIUS live in Los Angeles, CA. The band consists of three members. Nikki (vocals • piano). Eric (guitars • keyboards • vocals). Elliot (keyboards • programming). Eric and Elliot went to high school together in Orange County and played in several electronic bands together before separating after college. Eric and Nikki hooked up soon after and started a rock band called Luna Lane. After that band broke up, Eric and Nikki joined back together with Elliot to form Imaginarius back in 2004. Imaginarius focuses on alternative electronic music with layers of atmosphere. Many of their themes circle around horror-esque elements.

Favorite horror movies:
JAWS (hence my love for sharks) • HALLOWEEN (the original) • ALIEN • Anything With A Great Ghost Story

Musical inspirations:
Trent Reznor • Akira Yamaoka • Alan Wilder • Enya • Jerry Goldsmith • And that damn Disney Haunted Mansion music

What the future holds:
We are currently writing material for a new album in 2013.


Eric has also written and directed his first indie feature called PARADOX ALICE. It’s a Sci-Fi/Thriller about a team of astronauts who go to the moon of Europa for water and try and make it back to an Earth that is no longer there. You can watch the trailer here.

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