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Chew On A Red Band Trailer For ‘Bait 3D’

Anchor Bay Films’ Bait 3D will be available to screen in cities nationwide through Tugg, a collective action web platform that enables moviegoers to choose the films that play in their local theaters. Starting today, fans can sign up to bring Bait 3D (Tugg here) to their theater to share the intense 3D, bloodthirsty shark action on screen with their local community. The film will be available to screen through Tugg starting on September 9th in conjunction with its theatrical release in select cities on September 14. We already premiered the poster, now take a bite out of the red band trailer.

Directed by Kimble Rendall, “When a monstrous freak tsunami hits a sleepybeach community, a group of survivors from different walks of life find themselves trapped inside a submerged grocery store. As they try to escape to safety, they soon discover that there is a predator among them more deadly than the threat of drowning—vicious great white sharks lurking in the water, starved hungry for fresh meat.

As the bloodthirsty sharks begin to pick thesurvivors off one by one, the group realizes that they must work together to find a way out without being eaten alive.

Produced by Gary Hamilton, Todd Fellman and Peter Barber, the pic stars Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), Sharni Vinson (You’re Next, Step Up 3D), Singaporean thesps Adrian Pang and Qi Yuwu, Phoebe Tonkin, Dan Wyllie and Julian McMahon (“Nip/Tuck”).

Click here learn how to bring Bait 3D to your theater. Check here for more on How Tugg Works visit.



  • Canucklehead

    I’d rather go grocery shopping than waste my time on this

  • Aaron Emery

    I’m in. I’m a big fan of shark movies, yes, I even found Shark Night to be some fun. This looks cheesy along the lines of Deep Blue Sea. Which would be awesome.

  • Marty McFly

    This trailer is no different than the other one. How is this “red band?”

  • bambi_lives8980

    Jesus christ some people are being way too harsh on this. It’s obviously not going for an academy award, it’s obviously not trying to be a thinking mans movie with some deep intellectual meaning, or message. IT’S A FUCKING KILLER SHARK MOVIE. FUCK, people! If you don’t like it, please DO go do your grocery shopping and leave this to the people it was made for – someone who wants to see a killer fucking shark movie! It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to get it. People hate on this movie yet people on here can’t wait to check out the new Leprechaun movie? Guess there’s no accounting for taste here.

  • MakeThisAMovies

    I’m in. All I need is a bucket of popcorn and two of my girl-friends on either side of me squirming, squealing, and yelling at the stupid people on screen.

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