[San Diego Comic-Con '12] Director Eduardo Sanchez On His Bigfoot Movie 'Exists'! - Bloody Disgusting
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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] Director Eduardo Sanchez On His Bigfoot Movie ‘Exists’!



From Haxan Films and Amber Entertainment, The Blair Witch Project and Lovely Molly director Eduardo Sanchez is currently in post production on Exists, his found footage Bigfoot movie starring Brian Steele, Dora Madison Burge, Samuel Davis, Roger Edwards, Chris Osborn and Denise Williamson.

Penned by Sanchez and Jamie Nash, the horror pic follows a group of twentysomethings who take a trip to a cabin deep in the wooded wilderness and are methodically hunted by a Bigfoot-like beast.

Our main focus in Exists was the creature itself which was designed by Spectral Motion,” says producer Jane Fleming at the San Diego Comic-Con. “It’s basically the kind of effects work you’d find in a big budget movie in our small scale film. Actor Brian Steele plays our creature and he is amazing.

Sanchez shot the film found footage style, his first film of the like since Blair Witch Project and we’ve been assured that in the movie the creature will be anything but out of focus and hidden. “The creature is front and center and you see a lot it,” says producer Mark Ordesky. “fans of bigfoot movies are going to be really happy with what we’ve created.

This movie harkens back to the earlier and really creepy Bigfoot films that scared me as a child like The Legend of Boggy Creek,” Sanchez added. “Everything we’ve seen of Bigfoot has been from the first-person view such as the Patterson film when you see him moving through the woods. That’s why this particular subject is ideal t shoot from the found footage perspective.

In terms of the rating Ordesky said, “We’re not tailoring the movie for any particular rating, but contextually alone it definitely lends itself to an R rating.” The film wrapped three weeks ago and is now in post. The inside word is that it’ll start making its rounds sometime around late to early 2013.