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Composer Jason Graves Is Returning To Make ‘Dead Space 3’ Sound Magical



This is good news for geeks like me who love our video game soundtracks, as it’s been confirmed that series composer Jason Graves will be returning to score the upcoming Dead Space 3. Graves crafted the fantastic scores for every other game in the series, including Extraction, and since they’ve all been sufficiently terrifying, I think it’s safe to assume the trend will continue with the next installment. My love for video game soundtracks runs deep, and I’m always looking for some new tunes to add to my horror playlist that still mostly consists of Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka’s work. In case your memory’s a little fuzzy, I’ve included one of my favorite tracks from Dead Space 2 after the break. Turn off the lights, hit play, close your eyes, and enjoy.

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