[Fantasia ’12] Mr Disgusting’s Mini-Reviews #1: The Best of the Fest!

  • John Marrone

    Glad to hear you liked Resolution. Its hard to put a finger on what makes it such a a unique but good film – you pretty much summed it up. My Amityville horror – can not wait for. I’m completely intrigued by that paranormal investiagor’s photo of the kid ghost upstairs in the house, which i heard is delved into a bit. Gotta be fake, but damn, who knows… lookin forward to checkin out Under the Bed, and VHS is being talked about EVERYWHERE, lot of fan anticipation for that. Cant wait to see it for myself in theaters.

  • Lonmonster

    I’ll have to check out Sleep Tight, I missed the screening.

  • Crown

    I liked Resolution and Amityville Horror. Missed Sleep Tight also.