Forget 'Twilight,' Lionsgate Tinkering With Remaking 'Saw' Franchise... - Bloody Disgusting!

Forget ‘Twilight,’ Lionsgate Tinkering With Remaking ‘Saw’ Franchise…


Remember when we told you that Lionsgate was planning on remaking the Twilight films? You can go ahead and just replace “Twilight” with “Saw“…

Sources we trust tell Bloody exclusively that Lionsgate is tinkering with the idea of rebooting the Saw franchise, although an eighth film isn’t out of the cards. It should also be noted that nothing is official, and nothing has been decided. Things are at infant stages at this time, but rest assured, Jigsaw will return.

Saw was created by Australian filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell, who have gone on to collaborate on Dead Silence, Death Sentence and even Insidious. Saw premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and opened in theaters October 29, 2004 to rave reviews. The first Saw has grossed over $100 million worldwide, with the several films breaking the $870 million mark worldwide.

Even though Saw 3D (released on October 29, 2010) was dubbed the “final” entry, we’ve been very firm (and public) in our stance that Lionsgate had more up their sleeve.

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  • DeathSeeker180

    That ‘source’ of yours… seriously though.

  • divisionbell

    Oh man please no. Absolutely horrible series. Just let it go.

  • twisted

    I agree, let it go. How about they get off their dead ass and release You’re Next already?

  • horrorking95

    If this is true, then that would be so funny for all the Saw haters out there. I’m a big Saw fan but even I have to admit that doing seven films is a bit over the top and the idea of just remaking all of them is just ridiculous. I’d much prefer a Saw 8 than a remake.

    So it seems that production companies have done a remake for about all the classic (and not so classic) horror films out there so they have to start remaking modern ones. Let’s just get some more exciting and original concepts out there!

  • Rosky71

    One mistake you said “Saw premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and opened in theaters October 29, 2012 to rave reviews” it was October 29th 2004 when it opened in theaters.

    But to comment on the story Lionsgate needs to leave reboots alone when the movie is still recent enough. I’m ok if they wanna make an 8th but don’t reboot the franchise; at least not yet wait 15 years at least.

  • WolfQueen

    Anything to make up for that shit show that was the “final” entry. What a piece of garbage! If the series had ended at 6, it would have been fantastic.

  • KnightOfTears

    As much as I love the Saw franchise, remaking them would be the bane of my existence. Lionsgate….leave it alone.

  • joesey

    It’s too early for a remake just do another sequel but with new characters

  • Evil_Flip

    How can these people look at themselves in the mirror?

  • Marty McFly

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  • Decapitated_Dave

    I’m not sure if remaking Saw is a good marketing decision or a bad one. My logical sense says it’s absolutely ridiculous to remake a film so recent and fresh in our minds. My consumer sense says if they make it, I’d see it, and so would you if you were a Saw fan. At least wait until 2014 to release? Give me some dignity.

  • FlyBoyZombi

    is’t this old news ? I heard about this a while ago Wan wants to direct again

  • Joe-Banger

    It does’nt matter either way, if you like the original series then dont support the new film(s). If you dont like the original films then watch out of curiosity or dont watch at all. I dont care at all I just think its funny that the Lions Gate people want to do a remake!


    what ever they do SAW wise im down as long as its great and its SAW and keeps saw name alive im down

  • Crown


  • gwally

    Lionsgate and the rest of Hollywood need to come up with some original material instead of rebooting series and remaking popular foreign films. Take a chance on the little guys with the big idea for a change!

  • Oh man. I love Saw to death. But no way should they remake them! That is ridiculous. Except for maybe the fourth one…they should remake that, hated that one.

  • Evan3

    NO! I am not a Saw fan, but think the series is ok (I jumped off board after a lackluster number 2). The real point is, STOP remaking films that JUST came out. The first Saw was great BECAUSE it was original. OY FREAKING VAY

  • Ian Guffogg

    I have to admit I do like ‘some’ modern remakes (not as much as the originals though,) however remaking a film that is less than 10 years old to me, seems stupid. I can understand remaking a film that is at least 20-30 years old if, you love the source material, will stay faithful and will strive to do it justice but, don’t just do it to get a quick buck and so you don’t have to think of new ideas. I can not see any reason why such a modern film should be remade (with the exception of the Twilight films to get rid of Kristen Stewart,) make-up/prosthetics in the original Saw film were as good then as they are now and it is not as if you really have a new generation to introduce to the series. I am always seeing profiles on here of people who say they write/would love to write horror films, give someone new a chance, someone with fresh and exciting ideas, someone who actually cares rather than someone who just copies and pastes and doesn’t want to make their fingers ache by typing.

  • Edo

    What’s so awful about this? SAW was an idea that had potential, but never really reached it. Thats the way to go about doing remakes, by making shitty films into good films. I think people really need to keep an open mind, instead of automatically flaming “WTF hollywood make new material lol” everytime a new remake is announced.

  • HerecomesNico

    Do it

  • xAshleyMariex

    fucking idiots would remake another good movie instead of doing something original xI

  • Decapitated_Dave

    I kind of agree with Edo. Good point. What hasn’t been done already, anyway?

  • AdamFearson

    I wouldn’t be in favor of a remake- the first film was a masterpiece- but if they can make a sequel that’s more then just mindless gore, they might be able to return some (small amount of) dignity to the franchise.

    In my humble opinion, remakes are justified for one reason only: if a film based on a good idea is executed poorly, only then is a remake justified. Putting in flashy special effects to appeal to modern audiences is NOT a good reason.

  • Poltergeist-1

    Please bring back the SAW film series and make SAW 8. I would like for Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) to survive. Maybe the body of Xavier (Franky G) has a key or a file on him. Could Hoffman get through that 2 way mirror thing? Maybe not, his shoulders are like a quarterback.

  • theCr0w

    Remaking a not even ten year old movie? This while thing is sad.