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[Dead Days Of Summer] Day 7: Here Are Your Picks For The Best & Worst Horror Games Of 2012 (So Far)

Remember when I asked you what your favorite and least favorite horror games of the year were? Well, I asked and you answered, and now, I have the results. If this were an episode of Maury, the audience would be silent with anticipation, waiting for to find out who the baby daddy really is. It’s never who you think it’s going to be, and with our little Halfies awards, there too have been a few surprises. We even had a tie. Yeah, I know. Head past the jump to find out which games you’ve loved (and hated) the most so far.

Diablo III kicked tons of demonic ass in this category, nabbing a third of the total votes and with Operation Raccoon City trailing in a very close second. It’s a little surprising how close the bottom three were in this category as they all came within 3% of each other. Apparently, none of you enjoyed The Darkness II’s four-player co-op?

This wasn’t all that surprising. The Silent Hill HD Collection beat the ever living shit out of the rest of the contenders. It had almost half the votes, and that’s impressive seeing as the collection has been plagued by bugs, as well as the recent announcement that the Xbox 360 version would not be getting a patch. Only three votes separated second and third place though, and practically no one sided with Dear Esther. Ouch.

For starters, well done, people. I loved American Nightmare, but Telltale’s Walking Dead series really deserves this. If you haven’t checked either of the first two episodes yet I highly recommend diving in before Episode 3 releases later this month. Also, let’s have a moment of silence for Amy, who took a paltry 3%. Is it bad that I think that number’s still a little too high?

Here’s where you all couldn’t make up your minds. Dawnguard had a pretty decent lead in first place, but Diablo III and Silent Hill: Downpour fought tooth and nail for second. Seeing Minecraft in fourth is crazy, because I know for a fact that three members of the BD staff have sunk dozens–if not thousands–of hours into Minecraft for the Xbox 360. Before you ask: yes, one of the three is me, and you wouldn’t believe the wondrous sights I’ve crafted over countless hours in my worlds. They really are things of beauty.

This wasn’t surprising at all. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was a pretty awful game, though its second downloadable campaign was a decent improvement, the multiplayer was rubbish and it just felt like a rushed and boring little Resident Evil spin-off. Seeing as it received over half the total votes, I think it’s safe to say that a majority of you agree.

Have I ever told you how much I love you? We’re in sync, you and I. I couldn’t have chosen a better trio of games to sit atop the rest, so bravo. The Walking Dead nabbed itself exactly a third of the votes, and the other two were only separated by four votes.

Are you satisfied with the results? Did your games win or lose? How do you feel about democracy? Are you sad that our Dead Days of Summer extravaganza has ended or do you not have time for annoying things like emotions when you have our 13 Days of Horror event to look forward to in October? Tell me literally every single thing about yourself in the comments below!

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