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[Dead Days Of Summer] Day 3: Comment To Win One Of EIGHT Incredible ‘Metro: Last Light’ Gas Masks!



If you haven’t voted for your favorite games of the year (so far), or finished reading my long-winded wish list of all the things I’d like to see in the soon-to-be-announced Dead Island: Riptide, then don’t worry, because today’s going to be real easy. It’s no secret that summer isn’t terribly kind to us gamers. Being an indoors people for much of the year, leaving the relative safety of our gaming dens, basements, hovels, or bedrooms means we have to deal with that cruel orb of light that hovers over us, watching and waiting. I squint when it’s cloudy, so direct sunlight isn’t my friend, and over the years my body has grown accustomed to an air conditioned environment, so I’m drenched in sweat not thirty seconds after leaving the shade. What I’m getting at is this: summer sucks, I feel for you, my brothers and sisters, so let’s enjoy some free stuff. More after the jump.

Just so you can get an idea of how insanely awesome these gas masks are, here’s a picture of one:

(Click to enlarge)

These are working, wearable gas masks, with filters and everything. You can use them to prank your mom or toss them on your mantle for an intensely badass conversation piece. The possibilities are endless.

Now pick your jaw up off the floor and get ready for the rules. I have eight of these beautiful babies to give away, so your chances of scoring one are pretty good. Here’s what I need from you: in the comments below I want you to tell me what you plan on doing with your gas mask, should you win one. Will you wear it to work? While you’re gaming? While you’re getting frisky? Tell the world!

I’ll be choosing two winners every weekend for the next four weeks, so you have until September 1st to comment for a chance to win one. Also, this contest is limited to our readers in the U.S.–my apologies to everyone across the pond.

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