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[Dead Days Of Summer] Day 3: Comment To Win One Of EIGHT Incredible ‘Metro: Last Light’ Gas Masks!

If you haven’t voted for your favorite games of the year (so far), or finished reading my long-winded wish list of all the things I’d like to see in the soon-to-be-announced Dead Island: Riptide, then don’t worry, because today’s going to be real easy. It’s no secret that summer isn’t terribly kind to us gamers. Being an indoors people for much of the year, leaving the relative safety of our gaming dens, basements, hovels, or bedrooms means we have to deal with that cruel orb of light that hovers over us, watching and waiting. I squint when it’s cloudy, so direct sunlight isn’t my friend, and over the years my body has grown accustomed to an air conditioned environment, so I’m drenched in sweat not thirty seconds after leaving the shade. What I’m getting at is this: summer sucks, I feel for you, my brothers and sisters, so let’s enjoy some free stuff. More after the jump.

Just so you can get an idea of how insanely awesome these gas masks are, here’s a picture of one:

(Click to enlarge)

These are working, wearable gas masks, with filters and everything. You can use them to prank your mom or toss them on your mantle for an intensely badass conversation piece. The possibilities are endless.

Now pick your jaw up off the floor and get ready for the rules. I have eight of these beautiful babies to give away, so your chances of scoring one are pretty good. Here’s what I need from you: in the comments below I want you to tell me what you plan on doing with your gas mask, should you win one. Will you wear it to work? While you’re gaming? While you’re getting frisky? Tell the world!

I’ll be choosing two winners every weekend for the next four weeks, so you have until September 1st to comment for a chance to win one. Also, this contest is limited to our readers in the U.S.–my apologies to everyone across the pond.

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  • AmericanWerewolfInAmerica

    I have one of these and wore it in some pics at my sister’s wedding. Does that count? If I won this one I would wear it to work for sure!

    • andy213

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  • I would wear it while I went grocery shopping, so I felt like I was in a post apocalyptic world searching for food and other daily needs, plus I’d get a laugh out of peoples reactions to a guy walking around in a gas mask as if it’s no big deal. That’d make me smile.

  • ButcheredatBirth

    If I were to win this amazing prize, I would play the entire metro: last light game in it to help put me in the shoes of artyom. It would also be great to wear

  • ButcheredatBirth

    If I were to win this amazing prize, I would play the entire metro: last light game in it to help put me in the shoes of artyom.

  • RedDead83

    I would most likely wear it to as many public bathrooms as possible. Not only would it get peoples attention, but it would actually be of practical use. Public restrooms = “The Wastelands”

  • DDexGaige

    If I were to win, I would smuggle it into the bathrooms at work and come out wearing it and tell everybody that it was like a nuclear bomb when off. And that they shouldn’t enter it for their own healthy and well being

  • TheLonelySloth

    If I were to win one I would finally start working on a apocalypse kit, oh and i’d probably wear it everywhere!

  • ThisMortalSoil

    Well Adam my good friend, I will make it a gimmick for my band. Playing onstage in a gasmask could really help us get noticed. I’d also wear that badboy on one of my routine strolls to unnecessarily creepy graveyards, where I stand around watching people as they walk by. I will then proceed to walk home, stare blankly into peoples windows until they call the police. I will then ***gasp*** remove the mask until I get home, where I will put if back on and enter a random video chat room, and tell everyone about that valentines day when I killed all those teenagers. I’ll also launch my modeling career. I’ve always wanted to model in old prospector garb, but I never could find a good gas mask. So Adam, please help me launch my music/modeling career, and let me enjoy one of those beautiful gas masks. Oh, I almost forgot, I’ll also use it to survive 2012. While you all are burning in exploding suns, myself and 7 others will be saved thanks to the mighty Adam, who we will honor as a God!

    —That Creepy Guy in need of a gas mask.

  • artjustin

    I’d have to do one of two things; First you called it, I’d have to wear it while getting frisky. Second, I’d recreate all of Forest Gump. For some reason that sounds fun to me.

  • Shadowz666

    If i win one i would dress up as Psycho Mantis and slay the undead in a zombie outbreak.

  • ResidentEagle

    I would wear it the next time the police start firing tear gas at innocent civilians, like they seem to on a regular basis nowadays, and I am somehow caught up in it.

  • Xanderfaulk

    3 oppurtunitites to use a gas mask come to mind:

    1. Get up at 5:30am and take a lesiurley jog to the supermarket and back while wearing the mask. Everytime I have found myself walking around that area at that time, I encounter half a dozen joggers. I would love to see their faces as a man with a gasmask runs past them at five thirty in the morning.

    2. Swim at the local gym’s pool with it.

    3 Wear it to finals and just sit there quielty like nothing is wrong.

  • JRod365

    I would probably give it to my mom so she could make some creepy gas guy to display with her other awesome decorations on Halloween.


    I would put it on when I am making love to my wife in the dark , then turn the lights on.. MMUUAAHHHHHAAAHHHHHH….

  • StevusChrist

    I would go all Dead Man’s Shoes on the local riff-raff.

  • romanthemysterian

    If I were to win this, I’d throw it on, go find a long, empty road, and just Mad Max it.

    Or just wear it around. And if someone asks why I’m wearing it, I’ll say (maybe in a Bane voice), “It’s for your protection, not mine,” and then walk off.

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    I would wear it at work. Just the look of confusion/horror would be priceless. If the chef is wearing a gas mask while making your meal,it becomes a WTF moment. Priceless…..

  • Send-More-Cops

    I would wear that mask into my kindergarten class one morning and convince my students (who are Korean) that a war had broken out between their country and China as a result of the gold medal ping pong match. They would probably just look confused and call me a rabbit, because that’s what they do most of the time.

  • xxxwolf666

    I would use it to make an updated My Bloody Valentine costume for Halloween.

  • xxxwolf666

    I would wear it at the Run For Your Lives zombie obstacle course in Texas later on in the year too

  • zaglewiz

    I would make the greatest bong EVER with it to be honest. While indulging I always pledge to read Bloody Disgusting while wearing it for good measure.

  • J-SiN

    I’d definitely wear it to work. It could replace my safety glasses and ear plugs. I’d probably put it on my dog as we go for walks and take him into my local pet store too. I wouldn’t mind seeing how many TSA agents I could attract at the airport, or how the good people at the post office would react to putting a package in my safety deposit box wearing this. Dragon Con, Halloween, I’d probably wear it just about everywhere, but my local movie theater.

  • AdamFearson

    I’d keep it secret until New Years Eve, wait until the first firework was heard, pull the mask on, dive for cover, and loudly exclaim, “Ihr habt mich gefunden!? Ich werde die Katze essen!”

    Or I’d store it next to the toilet paper in a really obvious place. Not exactly the mantle, but I’m sure it would start conversations. Or interventions.

  • porcupinetheater

    I’m in the script writing phase for my own horror movie, which is based around a schizophrenic man (this fact is established from the onset, not saved for a final act reveal), who begins to slowly lose his mind as he starts to see things, beginning with simple wisps of smoke and strangely flickering lights, until he finally begins to see shadowed figures, all of which with strangely oblong shaped heads, and upon reflection, I believe a gas mask would be an ideal shape and size for precisely the effect I want to pull off.

    Additionally, it could really come in handy in a post-apocalyptic environ when humanity finally wrecks its collective shit.

  • luckeeblackcat

    I work at an elementary school. Think of the free day I could have because of all the kiddos that got sent home for peeing their pants after they saw me!

  • pocketlint26

    I’ve been thinking about starting to collect gas masks. This would be a great start!


    Should I win, I will be wearing it to scare the crap out of trick or treaters in my yard haunt! I will then retire it to the horror den in the basement for all to see!

  • jennyleighx33

    I would give the mask to my boyfriend as a birthday present 🙂


    If I got one of those, I would definitely use it for my movie. Also, it would be incredibly useful if the zombie virus is airborne.

  • BornVillian

    I would mainly use it in my superhero web series “Knight Ranger”. We have a villain named Darko that wears a gas mask but this one looks so much nicer than ours. Having it would better production value since it’s a non-profit independent web series. For personal use, the time I’d probably wear it most would be when driving around town. Everyday you pass people in other cars and never see them again. I think it’d be funny if someone just saw a guy in a car with a gas mask staring them down. I’d get a good laugh knowing people told their friends what they saw. Who knows maybe one day it’ll evolve into something big and I’ll be known as the legendary gas mask man of my town haha. I’d also probably wear it when playing games with gas mask characters and just random times around the house.

  • Osc89

    I would wear it while chasing my baby sister. She is only 15 months old, but loves nothing more than being chased or having someone jump out at her. A definite future horror fan there!

  • ILoveSaw

    When I win this thing, it’ll be my love, I will hang in my new room in California, I’m gonna game with it, I’m gonna watch walking dead season 3 with it, I’m gonna scare my mom with it, I’m gonnaa wear it casually, I’m gonna wear it to in public to freak people, I’m gonna scare my dog with it, I’m gonna freak my sister with it I’m gonna fuck my gf in it, I’m gonna watch paranormal activity and saw with it, I’m gonna play resident evil with it, I’m gonna frikkin love this gas mask, and I need it to liive!!!!! This gas mask might be the one.


    Hey there! What a great site, I just discovered you guys today, looking up my latest dvd purchase HUSK. I have quite a few of the AFTERDARK FILMS. I’ve been a fan of horror for about thirty years or so. I will be actually turning 40 this Halloween, and my wife and friends will be attending the festivities in Salem Massachusetss, my home state. Our entourage will be dressing as characters from David Lynch’s Saga: TWIN PEAKS. I collect masks and love this gas mask and it could go along, interchangably with many costumes we have in our collection! Thanks and keep up the good work everyone!


    I love how I mispelled my own home state, MASSACHUSETTS, there that’s better! DOH!

  • Decapitated_Dave

    I would apply for the door greeting position at the local Wal Mart WITHOUT the mask… and I’d hit the interview out of the park. Then, on my first day, I’d arrive in my uniform drab WITH the mask. “Good afternoon, we have a special on bleach and box cutters!”

  • guarino2002

    This would be a great prop to scare people with. Im thinking whenever I open my apartment front door I will have everything dark and just open it with me wearing the mask. And see how many people I could have run screaming away from me.

  • Laugh Riot

    I would use it for mischief and evil… The thought of going to a mall and setting up a fake sit in Santa s’ Lap area an everything look normal except have the dummy of Santa wear this mask. Also when a kid sits in it’s lap the head falls off letting a bearded skull roll out of the mask. I’d also have to have a creepy ass laugh blast out of a speaker near it too. I’d then paint myself green and run out screaming Christmas is ruined here onto the next mall to traumatize more kids WAHAHAHA!!!! Also could do nice scares on Halloween. I’d love to do something out of Saints Row The Third and dress in pimp clothes , gas mask and pimp hat while chasing and beating people with a giant purple dildo bat.

  • miradotheblack

    I shall wear one whenever I pick up my tattoo machines to spread the love of ink. I love doing tattoos, and this mask would be great to wear. Maybe start my own personna. I can see it now. The Wasteland Parlour
    When I get home, I would put it on a wig head stand.
    If I get this, I will also provide pics of my two year old son Artemis wearing it.

  • miradotheblack

    I also failed to mention, That I will wear this, while I am making love. Why you ask, Because we are freaks, and we need to get our freak out of our system before Sept 11th, because that is the day my daughter Adalye will be born via c-section.
    After that, It will be a dry season for awhile.

  • dfoxworth

    I want to win!

  • lokijki

    Gah, wish I had seen this sooner. Still got a chance, though!

  • I will be outside peering into the windows of everyone i know!

  • Wringmazster

    Since my college doesn’t have a dress code, I would probably wear it to class. One of my classes is Contemporary Moral Issues, and there is a unit on nuclear armament. I can picture walking in on my professor with this mask on, him asking “what are you doing?” and responding “getting ready….”

  • Decapitated_Dave

    Is this contest closed? I’m on the edge of my seat!

  • new fap mask?

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