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[Random Cool] Kids Fight Over Who Was Going To Eat The Head Of This Python Cake

The UK Mirror reports on an incredible birthday cake Francesca Pitcher created for her six-year-old daughter’s birthday party.

The 37-year-old fashioned the coiled-up Burmese python cake at the request of her daughter Claudia who wanted a ‘spooky’ themed birthday party following a trip to the zoo.

Francesca, who is in fact afraid of snakes, spent three days creating the realistic reptile after studying images of the yellow coloured snake online, says the online mag.

She baked six sponge cakes before carving and sculpting them into the slinky appearance of the python – one of the most lethal non-venomous snakes in the world. Dedicated Francesca then spent a painstaking 12 hours decorating the bizarre birthday cake until it resembled a convincing Amelanistic Burmese python. She used a white chocolate fondant and applied a special dye to make the skin and replicate the distinctive markings of the dangerous snake. Despite its realistic appearance, Claudia and her 26 friends loved the cake and fought over who was going to eat the head.

The only cake I won’t eat is one that looks like a spider…



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