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Trailer For Brazilian ‘Pandemonia’ Leaves Scratch Marks

From TerraNova Films comes the Brazilian horror Pandemonia, directed by Daniel Moreno, and starring Jessica Drago, Scheila Foltran and Tame Louise.

Jasmin take her two best friends, Juliana and Isabela, for a weekend in a cottage, a house that was owned by her late aunt Helena. In the midst of drinking and confessions, one of the girls finds in the attic an old trunk and inadvertently opens it: inside it, they face a strange ancient book, a grimoire, bringing rituals and potions that allow the living make contact with the death’s realm. The three friends then start a journey into the unknown, whose consequences will show especially perverse for one of the girls.



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  • flesheater24

    Jesus fuck i think i almost killed myself out of boredom. The lesbos couldn’t even save that trailer.

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