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[Random Cool?] Watch A Supercut Of Dana Scully Saying “Oh My God” Over 100 Times

Supercuts rule. It’s the ultimate proof that some of us have way too much time on our hands, while also creating something extraordinary out of nothing.

YouTuber johnnylloydrollins, along with his friend Jerem Morgan, have created a 2-minute long supercut of Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) saying “Oh My God” on Fox’s “The X-Files”.

There’s at least 120 “Oh My God” clips that’ll have you clawing at your ears and wondering what kind of monster created it. Maybe the “Smoking Man” knows?



  • DeathFromAbove

    Oh my god… And she believes in science?

    • sinjin_samhain

      She is also a practicing Catholic.

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    omg mulder!

  • Lol I love this….just sayin’

  • FreddyJ.Myers

    I get to meet her at DragonCon Atlanta on Labor Day! I’m sure I’ll be saying Oh my God

    • sinjin_samhain

      I am so envious of you I can barely stand it!Hope you have a great time!

  • Danny-E

    I love this and totally made my day.

  • sinjin_samhain

    I’d LOVE to make her say “Oh,my God…”HUGE Scully?Gillian fan.Also,female.

    • sinjin_samhain

      *Scully/Gillian LOL…Got all flustered after watching that!

  • Trinity

    Oh my god that is amazing. I love it.

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