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TV: [Next On] “True Blood” Preview Clips Prove Why Show Continues To Suck (Pun Intended)

Last August I literally lost my sh*t in regards to HBO’s “True Blood.” I watched my favorite show on cable transcend into madness as it made all of the same mistakes as the abomination known as “Heroes.” HBO has learned nothing, absolutely nothing.

The cabler has released a pair of clips for “True Blood” Episode 59 “Sunset”, which literally made my stomach turn. First, Jason Stackhouse almost turned into a wolf, now they’re taunting viewers with the notion that he may become a vampire? By the time the show ends every single person in Bontemp will be “undead” or a creature of the night. That’s boring. Not to mentioned nearly every character has made a heel turn at least once. Boring.

With two episodes left, HBO shared the plot for Season 5’s Episode 11 ‘Sunset’ (Episode #59): “Sookie probes an ancient family secret with help from a faerie elder; Jessica is an unwilling participant in Bill’s ongoing religious conversion; Alcide reconnects with his father; the military uses a video of Russell and Steve Newlin as ammunition; Sam and Luna hitch a ride into the Authority.” Air Date: Aug 19, 2012 Guest Cast Robert Patrick: Jackson Herveaux Joe Manganiello: Alcide Herveaux Valentina Cervi: Salome Lucy Griffiths: Nora Kristina Anapau: Maurella



  • cryocore

    Skirting past the fact that a: You’ve used transcend incorrectly (I assume you meant descend) and, b: Look up what literally means as well, as I am sure your stomach didnt actually turn in the literal sense at all. Jesus man get your shit together.

    TB is still one of my favourite shows despite some god awful plot turns and pointless secondary story elements. Its fun and bloody and wonderfully demented in places, its also not even close to the insanity of the books apparently (I havnt read them).

    I get your issue, but to be honest you’re blowing it out of proportion again (but you do that a lot huh). They do need to dial back on the number of concurrent stories and focus on a couple of story arcs rather than piling everything on top each other. The Russel/Lilith plot is cool and obviously we need Sookie to have her place, but all the rest detracts from the show imo.

  • Nothing333

    Can you put someone in charge of reporting the show who’s actually watching it? It would be way less embarrassing for you. You have no idea what’s actually going on and the weekly pointless rant reads like a ranting man child.

  • Nothing333

    Ps. This is one of the best seasons ever (minus the ifrit subplot).

    • jennyleighx33

      I agree, I really like this season. On some of my favorite fan sites, they haven’t been reporting on it properly. They either have someone who makes mistakes in the article (like this one, Jason wasn’t going to be turned into a wolf, but a lycropanther), or someone who blatantly doesn’t like the show talking about it. I really love this season, it’s so much more focused than season 3 and 4. The Vamp Authority stuff is so interesting, and I love that they finally don’t have Eric and Bill worrying about Sookie, and how both parties are off on their own.

      I know it’s cool to not like True Blood, but are there no broad fan sites that have ANY fans?

  • Sloppy Joe Cocky

    Completely agree with Nothing333; if this were last August your points would be relevant, but this season has been a drastic improvement. If you’re going to rant about the series, you should probably stay current and actually watch the show as opposed to watching previews and making assumptions. What’s “boring” is the by-the-book posts you’ve resorted to making regarding True Blood just to voice your disdain for the show because it didn’t live up to your expectations last year. It’s not a perfect series by any means, but credit needs to be given for the legitimate turn-around it’s made from last season to now.

  • lhcameron

    You obviously arent a true blood fan at all. Seeing as how JASON was NEVER about to turn into a werewolf but a were-panther -_-

  • lhcameron

    AND in the sookie stackhouse novels JASON did end up becoming the were-panther. They didnt decide to go that route with the show obviously though

  • Jerv23325

    But you guys, after his foray into film distribution he truly knows what it takes to make excellent programming!

    Oh wait…

    Seriously, though. Can he just go away now? Noone comes here for his thoughts and if anything he sends traffic away from the site.

    • cryocore

      There was a time when MrD was THE go to guy for horror news, and BD was the only site you needed to visit for your horror needs. Now though MrD would rather spew out his barely literate bile than report on anything. Every article is now an opinion piece and we get non news reported as if its actually note worthy (hint to all the BD staff reporting on a unsubstantiated, and gossip sourced info is the very bottom of the barrel. Something you’ve done a bit of recently).

      I no longer frequent BD as is devolved in to a tabloid shitfest for the most part. If I want actual reporting on a horror film its much better to go somewhere else that actual focuses on giving insight and detail rather than some arrogant e-porter spouting a bunch of shit that isnt relevant. The reviews are still decent, and the actual opinion pieces are good, but everything else has turned to shit, and MrD is by far the worse part of it. Hoping he fucks off tbh. Not sure if its ego, or what but the MrD that was THE shit back in the day is now just shit. An ineffectual flaccid cock swinging in the breeze trying to bring everyone else down so he doesnt look so fucking useless and rather pathetic.

  • Nothing333

    I still like the site (there is some blatant studio schmoozing but eh) but it is not the source on horror. A lot of the writers on here work hard to bring interesting articles. I just think the TB vitriol is unwarranted as he’s not actually watching the show for one and two admitted to bow out as soon as he started to hate. A true fan would at least give the show a second chance. I totally disagree with this style of blogging.

  • enjoying

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    • Wow. This spam has more insight into True Blood than Mr D’s article.

  • Liono

    Mr. D is 100% correct, this show keeps getting worse. The first couple seasons were great, but now the plot points are so ridiculous it’s laughable. The fact that he incorrectly stated that Jason might turn into a werewolf actually makes that plot point sound better. But actually he might turn into a Were-panther…seriously?

    • So, Liono, you’re also talking shit about the show without watching it?

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