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[Album Review] Guano Padano ‘2’

Straying a bit out of the normal Bloody-Disgusting fare, I sat down with Guano Padano’s latest album, 2, this weekend. I was seduced into checking it out when I learned that Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) did a guest appearance on one of the songs. If Mike Patton decided that this album was good enough to do some vocal work on, you better believe that I’m very intrigued and want to check it out.

The album opens up with “Last Night”, a mellow, beautiful track that I envisioned being used during a movie scene where a car is flying down the highway through the desert, late at night, the driver obviously distraught and on a mission. However, that image quickly vanished as the song bled into the second track, “Zebulon”, a Morricone-tinged toe tapper with overdriven blues riffs.

The next track, “One Man Bank”, mixes in some Oriental flavors while still preserving the Western attitude from the previous track. This is a slow track that would be perfect for some sexy dancing a la Selma Hayek in From Dusk ‘Til Dawn. Meanwhile, “Lynch” would be perfectly at home in a film noir piece.

Patton appears on “Prairie Fire”, an eerie track that is musically perfect for his vocal talents. He gets the opportunity to whisper his words, almost crooning them before nearly howling to the sky. Maniacal laughs puncture the soundscape every so often. The foray of Patton into Guano Padano’s world is brilliant.

From a production standpoint, this album is wonderfully tackled. There are a wealth of instruments and a wide variety of tones used for each one. It’s the type of album that will have you finding new sounds, new passages, new moments with each play.

Mixing jazz, surf rock, bluegrass, a few Oriental themes, and a hefty dose of Latin flavor with a Twin Peaks air of mystery, this is the type of music that would make any Quentin Tarantino fan get up and dance like Vincent Vega or Mia Wallace.

The Final Word: Guano Padano’s 2 is an intriguing and sexy smorgasbord of musical influences that work beautifully together.

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