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[Random Cool] The Ultimate Horror Hype Reel? Watch 163 Horror Movies in 2 1/2 Minutes!

Bloody reader Henry Carter e-mailed us a link to the following video that’s the perfect video to show to someone you want to introduce to our beloved genre.

Youtuber kidziakandkeogh hosts the video that shares a whopping 163 Horror Movies in 2 1/2 Minutes!!

So…there’s 163 different horror movies in this video,” explains kidziakandkeogh. “Repeat appearances I do not count separately. To clarify/confuse, all Nightmare on Elm Street clips count as 1, as do all Friday the 13th clips (totaling out to 2/163 films). However, I did count Freddy Vs. Jason as one tally, making it 3/163 films, but did not reward a +1 for the Nightmare On Elm Street remake. So if you think that’s bull sh*t and it should not count, then consider this 162 Horror Movies in 2 1/2 minutes. Also, you may count upwards of 190 different movies…if you do, that means you went through this frame by frame and need to go outside more. The other 28 films, I do not count because they consist of 2 or less frames. I am only counting the films that appear for 3 frames or more.

Watch a blur of insanity by reading inside!

  • Robcbh

    This was really cool to watch

  • That_One_Guy

    Awesome video. A great homage to the genre.

  • Trinity

    Oh my Goodness wow. Good Job.That is a fantastic video. I believe the video maker put a lot of work an time in this video.Thanks so much for doing this. Amazing video

  • Michael_M

    I wish there was a list of every movie. I recognize a lot of them, but what is the movie at 0:32 with the woman vomiting?

  • that was pretty cool….

  • I used to do videos like this all the time – Have about 6 hours worth of it lol….. heres one if anybody cares.

  • Adam666

    @Michael.M That was from The Witches of Eastwick

  • PatrickxJonathan

    This was awesome.

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