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[WTF] ‘Black Kiss II’ Banned In Britain Permanently



Alright so Image’s Black Kiss II is a really sexual book. There are disturbing images, questionable content matter, and full on, doggy-style screwing. Initially, the book was held by UK Customs due to the adult content of the book. “Black Kiss II” #1 sold out in the first week. Bleeding Cool reports that, unfortunately, UK fans won’t be getting any more of the dirty mag any time soon… or will they?

Diamond Comics UK, the main distributor, sent out a letter to retailers stating that due to “indecent and obscene material”, they will no longer distribute the book in the UK. WTF is up with that?

While it makes sense that the distributor did not want to enter further disagreement with UK Customs, it seems a bit rash to completely ban a book due to sexual content at this day and age…especially for people who are of age and paying for it. Anyone who buys this book likely has access to much worse, if not in the comic shop then at home online.

All orders for “Black Kiss II” #2 have been cancelled by Diamond UK.

Digital comics to the rescue! If anyone is still questioning the validity of digital comics, this should sway you. People in the UK can download issues of “Black Kiss II” digitally with absolutely no problem. Welcome to the digital age, bitches.


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