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[Random Cool] This Monster ‘Refrigerator’ Will Seduce, and Then Eat You!

In the 1984 Ghostbusters did you ever wonder what happened inside the fridge when Dana was sucked in?

Director Rico Maria Ilarde will answer the age-old question with Pridyider (The Refrigerator), a new horror comedy(?) about a haunted fridge. Yup. Starring Andi Eigenmann, JM De Guzman, Janice De Belen, Joel Torre, Ronnie Lazaro, Baron Geisler, Bekimon and introducing Venus Raj, we’ve landed the official trailer (no subs though, unfortunately), along with an annoyingly long synopsis. It’s about a monster fridge, that eats people, what more do you need to know?!

Tina Benitez is a returning citizen. She’s been living abroad since childhood and she has not set foot in the country until now. She goes home to an empty house she inherited from her parents. Being sent abroad at such an early age, she does not have any memories of the house. But she cherishes it because it’s the only thing her deceased parents left her.

However, strange things start to happen inside the house particularly in the kitchen where an old, antique refrigerator can be found. At first, Tina dismisses the incidents, thinking it’s just her imagination. But soon enough, she witnesses the ref attacking and even consuming one of her guests.
Scared of what other harm the ref can do, she tries to get rid of it but to no avail. The refrigerator is unbelievably heavy. It cannot be lifted nor removed from its place. With some information from her neighbor and newfound friend Celine, Tina learns about the background of the refrigerator and its connection to her deceased parents.

As Tina tries to solve the mystery of the refrigerator, she also learns more about her parents’ disappearance and death. Her childhood friend James also joins her in her quest for the truth. Together, they uncover Tina’s unknown past and also discover how to create a “bomb” that can counter the evil powers of the refrigerator. But will they succeed in defeating it? Someone from Tina’s past also unexpectedly shows up to help them. But will Tina be willing to risk the life of this person, just to extinguish the devil inside the ref?




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