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Warner Bros. To Revive ‘The Twilight Zone’

I’m seriouslly beginning to love Leonardo DiCaprio as he not only is helping bring my favorite Manga to the big screen (Akira), but he’s now working with Warner Bros. Pictures to bring a new The Twilight Zone movie to the big screen!! Inside you can find all of the details, which sound incredibly promising, especially because it can’t be worse than the first film (come on guys, make me porud!)Could the eerie music of “The Twilight Zone” soon be playing again at the movies?

Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way are in the early stages of seeking material for a feature take on one or more episodes from the classic TV series. 

The studio and production company are quietly putting out word to creators that they are looking for pitches and script ideas based on the show for feature development. 

The companies are not seeking to remake an episodic movie, as the only big-screen version of the show did 25 years ago, but rather hope to build one continuing story line based on one or more episodes. 



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