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‘Wolf Creek’ Sequel Will Be a XXX Bloodfest?!

There’s nothing more frustrating that loving a filmmaker, loving his films and yet having to wait forever for them to get released. This morning, posted some news that Aussie writer-director Gregg McLean might be returning to the outback for long long gestured sequel to WOLF CREEK, a film that we hope won’t be set up at Dimension Films (boo!). Read on for the skinny.Greg McLean talks to

I am working on a few screenplays right now, as I am keen as hell to make another movie as soon as possible, because the ROGUE release has been such a long process. I’m ready to rock again – but want to make sure I’m going out there with a screenplay that’s as great as it can be.

I don’t know. I’d like to see what else Mick (the killer from WOLF CREEK) is up to in the outback for sure – just not sure anyone else in the world does. Plus you’ve got to top the first one – and seriously, how much horror can you handle? If I did make WOLF CREEK 2 it would almost have to be unreleasable. Rated XXX. Banned all over the world. Never to be screened in public. That’s kind of intriguing.

Maybe McLean should try and cook up a sequel independently and give us that brutality he wishes to deliver? You can count us in…

CREEK, which was made for less than $2 million, centers on a group of backpackers who have a run in with a loopy stranger, played by John Jarratt. It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime in the Australian Outback – full of fun, sun and adventure. But what happened to a trio of twenty-something backpackers took a wrenching detour into the depths of unrelenting terror.



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