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UPDATE: Bousman Screams Wish, ‘Give Me Leprechaun!’



Bousman responds inside… I swear it’s like carnival day starring Darren Bousman, as the director of SAW II-IV has openly admitted that he would be interested in doing the next LEPRECHAUN film, and even has an idea of where he’d like it to go! Even though this would probably never in a million years happen, and is is clearly just wishful (pun intended) thinking, you can read all of the juicy gossip inside – you can check out Bousman’s REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA in limited theaters November 7th.

Update Below:

Believe it, Darren Lynn Bousman insisted, telling MTV News that the project he most wants to do next is “Leprechaun.” No, seriously (but obviously joking a bit).

I would do ‘Leprechaun’ in a second,” the amiable Bousman laughed. “If Lionsgate is listening, give me ‘Leprechaun.’

Ah, “Leprechaun,” the 1993 movie that not only introduced us to a pre-“Friends” Jennifer Aniston, but also made sure Warwick Davis had steady work for the next decade. All clearly good things. “Leprechaun,” believe it or not, is actually filled with good things, Bousman said. But why in the world would he want to do one?

“It’s just one of those fun popcorn movies. I would love to bring back the fun popcorn movie – extreme violence, extreme absurdity – but make it fun,” Bousman said of his hypothetical take. [My version] wouldn’t be horror.”

In all, there have been six versions of ‘Leprechaun,’ the original and five sequels, the last three taking the titular Irish monster to “da hood,” “into space,” and, no joke, “back to da hood.” (Actual awesome tagline: “Evil has a whole new rap!”) So where would Bousman like to take the series next? Lucky for us, he’s already got an idea.

Back to the old west,” Bousman said. “You send him in a time machine and transport him to the old west. There are gold rushes. There are gunfights. It’s awesome! I have the whole thing already worked out!

I bet Warwick Davis is reading this dreaming (wishing) of his triumphant return!

DARREN responds via his MySpace Blog:

“Ahhh, the internet…

I awake this morning to see the net abuzz with my two attachments this morning – first to MOTHERS DAY, then to Leprechaun…


Come on… Seriously?

First off, YES I did say I wanted to revamp Leprechaun… But the context was in the form of a short film… I was approached to do a series of short films at one point. They were these comedy shorts. When I asked if I had any ideas I said “What about Leprechaun in the old west”. As if this was some sort of news… Mind you, this was after Saw II.

While promoting Repo – people have asked me about it… I joke with all of them… HELL YES, Leprechaun in the old west…

I guess, I am a quasi public figure, so anything is fair game, but SERIOUSLY…

Got to go, having a meeting to discuss the remake of SLEEPAWAY CAMP!

much love,


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