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George A. Romero’s ‘Deadtime Stories 2’ Already Filming



While George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories made its rounds at last months American Film Market, plans were already underway for a sequel. This morning a new story hit the web detailing DEADTIME STORIES 2, which is already lensing for a 2009 release. In addition, the story also reveals that there will in fact be a DEADTIME STORIES 3! It’s hard to get excited this early in the game considering we haven’t even seen the first anthology yet, but the trailer we brought you does look cool. Read on for all of the details on the sequels.Article from Pittsburgh Live:

A werewolf running wild in Monongahela?

Don’t panic. It’s just a film crew shooting a segment of a George Romero horror film.

Production work for “George A. Romero Presents … Deadtime Stories 2” took place Tuesday night and early this morning in the city.

“Deadtime Stories” is a trilogy of films by Romero, the filmmaker who wrote and directed “Night of the Living Dead” and sequels that grew from the ghoulish flick.

Romero is not on location with the actors and crew for “Deadtime Stories.” However, two of the directors have local ties.

Jeff Monahan is one of three directors for “Deadtime Stories 2.” The film comprises three scary shorts. The style is similar to the format of the old “Night Gallery” and “Twilight Zone” series.

Monahan is a Connellsville native and his short for the “Deadtime Stories 2” is set in an urban town named Connellsville.

The storyline: People have been disappearing for years in Connellsville, and nobody knows why. In fact, more people have disappeared from Connellsville than any small town in the world.

The crew shot some scenes in Connellsville on Monday and will be there Wednesday and Friday.

The scenes shot in Monongahela depicted two young sweethearts in a car at “Lovers Leap” who are attacked by a werewolf who flips the car onto its roof.

The scene is set in the 1950s, however the movie quickly flashes forward to the present.

Another of the directors, Matt Walsh, has a film production company in Monongahela, 555 Films. The scene of the car flipping was shot on 555’s property.

Monahan, who also produces and does a lot of the writing for the segment – titled “Quota” – in the film, said he was happy to include his hometown in the film.

“I called my urban city Connellsville. I figured why not?” Monahan said. “We actually shot scenes at a small dairy in Connellsville.”

Walsh said the first “Deadtime Stories” edition is already completed and an April 2009 release date in planned.

“Deadtime Stories 2” is expected to be released in November 2009, Walsh said.

“What was really nice is that we received funding for the second movie before the first movie was even completed,” Monahan said. “We’re hoping to get these movies out and be popular enough to continue making more of them.”

Production on “Deadtime Stories 3” is set to take place in the summer, Walsh said.

Each movie features Romero, sitting in an armchair with a large book, getting ready to tell his scary tales.

The film crew is expected to return to Monongahela on Thursday evening to wrap up shooting on the film.

The movies are being produced through Monahan’s 72nd Street Films, along with Romero, Christine Romero and 555 Films.


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