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David Goyer to Create Giant Clay ‘Golem’ Monster?

January 9th Rogue Pictures will be releasing The Unborn in theaters everywhere. Written and directed by David Goyer, the film tells the story of a Jewish spirit called a “Dybbuk”, which is the soul of a dead person barred from heaven. While Goyer tackles this Jewish mythology, he’s also interested in other legend… the GOLEM. Read on for the SpookyDan’s chat with Goyer about this “creature of clay.”This morning at the junket for the upcoming film THE UNBORN director David Goyer spoke a bit about his future with horror films. Coming off the huge success of THE DARK KNIGHT, one would have to believe that he could get just about any kind of script made into a film, which is good considering how bizarre the one he really wants to make is….

I would love to do another horror movie, THE UNBORN was really fun! I like horror films that feel a little more REAL,” Goyer explaisn exclusively to Bloody-Disgusting. “In this film we did a Dybbuk, a creature based in Jewish religion. Next, maybe I should do (a film about) a Golem, It’s something that we haven’t seen in movies since the silent era!

The original German film, THE GOLEM, was set in 16th-century Prague where a Rabbi created a giant clay creature called “The Golem”. Using sorcery, he brings the creature to life in order to protect the Jews from persecution. Unfortunately, his evil assistant takes control of it, and uses it to against him by kidnapping the Rabbi’s young daughter. It’s one of the seminal pieces of early cinema that truly has not been revisited properly!



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