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Briana Evigan Talks ‘S. Darko’ and the Deux ex machina

Arriving on DVD and Blu-ray May 12 (new date) from Fox Home Entertainment is Chris Fisher’s S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale (hi-res images), their direct-to-disc sequel to Richard Kelly’s cult classic Donnie Darko. To celebrate the occasion, we caught up with star Briana Evigan who talks about her role as Corey, the troublemaking friend of Samantha Darko.Briana talked a bit about her role as Corey in the latest Deux ex machina debacle, which this time follows Samantha Darko, Donnie’s sister.

My character Is Corey. I call her the 90’s badass punk that’s pretty damn selfish and doesn’t really care about what happens in her life. She’s open to anything, she has not really had any family situation to stop her from being wild, which makes her only want to be worse. I got to see S. Darko recently and really loved the way Corey came off in the movie. The movie as a whole to me is awesome, but it’s really weird and it’s kinda slow and sciency. I hope that people who are not interested in the science of it will check it out.

Ironic as it sounds, Briana watched Donnie Darko weeks before receiving an offer to star in the sequel and feels that she understands fan skepticism.

I actually watched it like a month before I got the offer for S. Darko,” she explains. “It’s kind of random. Donnie Darko was unbelievable. It’s a hard movie to make a sequel to. I can definitely agree with people out there dissing it, I can under stand that. I still hope they do go check it out, because it really is cool.

Speaking of the original film, she explains that the new film fits right into the world created by Richard Kelly back in 2001.

It definitely fits into the same work. Absolutely. It’s the same kind of thing. The wormholes are there, the going into different dimensions is there… all of it’s there. You can tell that it’s based off of Donnie Darko, that’s clear. Just like the first one, it’s very weird. Another big plus is the cast, it has a huge cast that’s all in the public eye right now.” Starring alongside Briana (Burning Bright, Sorority Row) is Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, New Moon, Dread), Ed Westwick (100 Feet, Son of Rambow), Daveigh Chase (“Big Love”, among others) and many, many more.

One of the biggest question marks surrounding this sequel is the new bunny suit, which looks drastically different. Briana think it has to do with rights issues (since Richard Kelly has nothing to do with this sequel).

Briana Evigan in S. DarkoI don’t know why it looks the way it looks,” she explains a bit perplexed. “I’m guessing that they just had to go different from the first one because they weren’t going to be allowed to use any of the same stuff.” On another note, she thinks the bunny suit is pretty rad. “The bunny looks very cool, it’s very like hard looking as opposed to the other once.

Briana reveals that the bunny is connected to a character called Iraq Jack, played by James Lafferty.

Iraq Jack is played by James (Lafferty), he’s the old ex-military guy and they think he’s killing babies and kidnapping people,” she reveals. “He’s the one who knows that the world is going to end in however many hours, however many days. It’s honestly a mind trip; you have to see it like three times to understand it,” while also explaining that she still doesn’t really get it. “To be honest I don’t know if I ever will. I’m dying to see S. Darko again, I’ve only seen it once. I sat down with the director after I saw it, I must have read the script like 25 times during filming and still had 10 million questions and then thought I got it… [only] I was like back to square one.

She’s also skeptical that a third film can even be made, but if they ever do, she suggests a prequel.

I cannot imagine them doing a third, if anything a prequel, but I cant imagine them doing that.

Rumors have been afloat that Fox is looking to put S. Darko in limited theaters before its May DVD and Blu-ray release. Briana confirms the buzz.

I think that it might be coming out in a month, in theaters, and it will probably be in and out quickly, but it has not gotten a final say on that.

Briana Evigan in S. Darko



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