Finally the Trailer for Pathe's 'Tormented' - Bloody Disgusting
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Finally the Trailer for Pathe’s ‘Tormented’



Off our radar during the film’s entire production and now finally heading to UK cinemas on May 22 is Jon Wright’s Tormented, a school-set teen horror pic about a bullied teen who comes back from the dead to take his revenge. While we’ve brought you some virals, an early one sheet and some stills, we’ve just today got our mitts on the official trailer from Pathe Films. Check it out, along with a longer synopsis beyond the break.Tormented is a high school horror movie that smells like teen spirit… with a hint of rotting flesh! Justine Fielding, played by Tuppence Middleton, is the gorgeous head girl of her plush suburban grammar school Fairview High. She has just won a place at Oxford University when In-Crowd hunk Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas) asks her out on a date.

All seems perfect…. except that Alexis and his circle of friends aren’t quite as hip and glam as they seem. They persistently tease anyone they consider worthless losers. Their main target, Darren Mullett (Calvin Dean), knows what his classmates did last summer. They bullied him to death.

But death is not going to stop Darren. And the in-crowd soon discover to their horror, there is no point reasoning with a very angry zombie ghost.

Visit the newly launched official website for more, watch the trailer by clicking “videos” below:


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